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LIT 8-30-2010 Test

Critical Reading has 4 components PSAR Previweing Summarizing Analyzing Responding
Previewing look overall of expectation of reading
Summarizing summarize the passage in your own words
Analyzing how does this represent
Responding (learning journal)-questions and observations, respond to a certain reading
Literature record of human experience and the world around us
Romantic Era is a reaction to the age of reason (gothism)
Ascetic Ideal life of deprivation of pleasures of the flesh (abstinence)
Romanticism or Neoclassicism (1785-1830)AKA spirit of chivalry in revolt against the undo preoccupation with an ascetic ideal
See man as a reflection of... God
Robes Pierre era of blody time for french and english who were there
Ethos Speaker/Writer
Pathos Audience/Reader
Logos (logic) Message
Rehtorical Triangle was created by Aristole
Romantic Fictious or extravagant
Moved to ________ from agriculture Industrialism -first era of homeless people -no public gathering -no freedom of thought,expression
Created by: Drbrown2346