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Metal Point Review

Review of Metal Points Function

Acupuncture PointFunction
LU 1 Mu Alarm Point~Congestion of Nose/Face + vomiting (LU Channel begins in MJ near ST & LU 1 is mtg point of SP Channel)~treats Zang
LU 2 Local Pain
LU 3 WOS (Po)~Lung Heat~LIV Fire->attacking Lung=coughing/spitting blood
LU 4 rarely used~Heart Pain/Palps~local pain
LU 5 He Sea/Water Pt/LU~Excess/Def. Heat~ST/LU Heat (cough/vomit blood, nosebleed)~swelling limbs/regulate urine~LU/HT Pain~Local/Knee Pain
LU 6 Xi Cleft, ACUTE!~Wind Heat or Wind Dry
LU 7 Luo Pt, Confluent Pt Ren(opens/reg conception vessel), Command Pt Head/Nape(Gao Wu)~Rel Ext~Expel Wind Cold, not Heat~Reg Water Passages(genital/urine)
LU 8 Jing River/Metal~Horary Pt. to KID LU 8 + KID 7~Excess type Cough
LU 9 Shu Stream/Earth~Yuan~Influential Pt of the Vessels~TONIFY LU Qi/Yin~watery phlegm cough
LU 10 Ying Spring/Fire Pt~Throat Fire~LU HEAT->ST Heat=Abd Pain, Vomit, hiccup (cough w/o sweat, fever, cough blood)~breast abscess~toothache~thumb joint pain
LU 11 Jing Well/Wood/Ghost Pt~Fire, Inflammation, Sore Throat (prick)~Mania (ghost pt)
LI 1 Jing Well/Metal~Febrile Disease: anhidrosis, high Fever~Treats other end of channel: ears, throat, toothache(lower jaw),lower cheek, submandibular
LI 2 Ying Spring/Water Pt~same as LI 1 + nosebleed, rhinitis, weeping eczema of the face, eye disease
LI 3 Shu Stream/Wood~Wind Heat/YangMing Channel Heat/other end of the channel: throat, ACUTE eye pain, dry & scorched lips/mouth, nose, ears~favored over LI 4 for severe toothache of the lower jaw~Local: Index/Mid finger & Hand
LI 4 Yuan/Command for Face&Mouth~WC & WH/Rel. Exterior~Face & Sense Organs~Pain/Spasm whole arm~Forms Four Gates w/LIV 3 for Pain/Spasm~PROMOTES LABOR!! CI:PG
LI 5 Jing River/Fire Pt~Clears Heat/Fire: nose, ears, eyes, teeth, head & throat (tearing, tooth decay, etc.)~Local: wrist, fingers, elbow
LI 6 Luo Pt (link LU channel)~Regulates Water Passages when EPF present~Difficult urination, edema, ascites, borborygmus, attack by Wind w/o sweat
LI 7 Xi Cleft Pt~Acute Heat/Fire Poison, redness, swelling & pain of face, clove sores, carbuncles, pain of teeth/mouth~Regulates Intestines/Stomach~rarely used
LI 8 rarely used: SI disorderrs as it is a reflection of ST 39, the lower He Sea Pt of SI on Leg
LI 9 rarely used: LI QS, borborygmus, abd pain, reflection of ST 37 lower He Sea Pt on leg
LI 10 Arm 3 Mile~MAJOR TONIFICATION PT~YangMing Channel is abundant Qi/Bld~Pain arm/shoulder(tennis elbow)~Zhu Dan Xi(moxi for toothache of upper jaw)
LI 11 He Sea Pt/Earth Pt~HIGH FEVER, YangMing/Qi Levels~HTN~Heat: throatf, voice, teeth, eyes~Skin: Wind Rash, dry/itchy/scaly skin, shingles, clove sores~Ghost Pt:mania/epilepsy~arm disorderrs~Heavenly Star Pt
LI 12 Local Pt: elbow
LI 13 Local Pt: arm pain, scrofula (nodules neck/axilla/inguineal
LI 14 "neele a bit up from deltoid to avoid bleeding"~Mtg Pt LI/SI~Local Pain: elbow/shoulder~phlegm nodules~scrofula/goitre~Eyes: red, swollen, painful
LI 15 "locate w/arm straight out in front"~#1 for SHOULDER PAIN~"chain & lock" w/LI 4 & LI 11~Eliminate Wind: urticaria, wind paralysis, windstroke, etc.
LI 16 Local: Blood Stasis, chronic disorders~Blood Stasis in Chest~vomit blood
LI 17 "jugluar vein!"~rarely used~Throat: obstruction, rattling, goitre, scrofula, difficulty breathing/swallowing
LI 18 "jugluar vein!"~Wind of Heaven Pt~Sudden loss of voice/breath w/wheeze, cough~scrofula, goitre
LI 19 rarely used~Nose: sores, polyps, etc.
LI 20 Opens Nasal Passages~Facial Paralysis~Mtg Pt of LI/ST
Created by: DOCRAIN