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The Crucible test

A study aid for The Crucible test

What does Giles Corey say as he is pressed to death? "More weight"
Who is the ringleader of the girls? Abigail
What grieves Ann Putman? The deaths of her babies
Who is the expert on witchcraft who is asked to come to Salem? Rev. Hale
Why does Abigail accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft? Abigail wants Elizabeth's husband
Who is depicted as a "land grabber"? Thomas Putnam
When Tituba confesses, how does she reveal her true feelings concerning Rev. Parris? She says the devil tells her to kill him.
How did the girls in the courtroom sway Mary Warren back to supporting them? They mocked her.
Hale and Parris agree on what issue in Act IV? The trials and hangings should be postponed.
Why does Abigail believe she was fired from the Proctor household? Elizabeth didn't like her and thus fired her.
Who is Tituba? She is Parris's slave from Barbados.
Who does not want to believe that the girls could be lying? Danforth because he does not want to be guilty of innocent blood.
It is most shocking that this character is accused. Rebecca Nurse
Who is a contentious man who has been in court over 30 times? Giles Corey
What can Elizabeth Proctor not do according to John? Tell a lie.
Why does John tear up his confession? He doesn't want his lie to be made public.
Who steals Rev. Parris's money and runs away in Act IV? Abigail and Mercy Lewis
What does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty's and Ruth Putnam's condition in Act I? They will quit as soon as they are tired of acting.
Created by: duers