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Herbal I Test 4

pharmacopia 1 test 4 Questions

Exam 4 Prep QuestionAnswer
List the 11 sources of Phlegm 1) Unresolved EPFs 2) Unresolved emotional issues 3) SP not transforming 4) LU 5) KD 6) ST 7) SI 8) TW 9) Damp-Heat 10) Qi stasis 11) Internal wind
Name the 4 Imperial Pharmacy Guidelines for treating phlegm. 1) Eliminate phlegm depending on its nature 2) Regulate qi 3) Transform dampness 4) Harmonize
List 4 statements about Phlegm. 1) "Phlegm is the root of most chronic, degenerative diseases" 2) "any internal disease involves Phlegm" 3) "The root of Phlegm is LV-Wind 4) "Phlegm always has potential to disturb shen"
What is the property of Qian Hu? Sightly cold
What are 2 actions of Qian Hu? Redirects LU-Qi downward and releases exterior wind
Name 3 functions of Huang Yao Zi. 1) Dissipates nodules and reduces masses 2) Cools blood and stops bleeding 3) Reduces toxic swellings
Of Kun Bu and Hai Zao, which one is bitter and clears heat? Hai Zao
What does Hai Ge Ke do when combined with Huang Bai? Promotes urination and expels dampness
What does Hai Ge Ke do when combined with Fu Hai Shi? Redirects LU-Qi downward and transforms Phlegm
What does Hai Ge Ke do when combined with Kun Bu? Softens hardness and dissipates nodules
List the herbs in the Trichosanthes family. Tian Hua Fen, Gua Lou, Gua Lou Ren, Gua Lou Pi
Which member of the Trichosanthes family is best for Phlegm-Heat with LU/ST fluid dryness? Tian Hua Fen
Which member of the Trichosanthes family is best for LU-Heat constipation? Gua Lou Ren
Which member of the Trichosanthes family is best for stagnant chest of MW Qi? Gua Lou Pi
Of Chuan Bei Mu and Zhe Bei Mu, which is best for LU-Heat and Wind-Heat conditions? Zhe Bei Mu
What are two actions of both Chuan Bei Mu and Zhe Bei Mu? Clear heat and dissipate nodules
With what 3 medicinals is Chuan Bei Mu commonly combined? Zhi Mu, Mai Men Dong, Yu Zhu
What is an important action of both Trichosanthes and Perilla medicinals? Unbind/expand chest
With what 3 medicinals is Gua Lou Ren combined to treat lung abcess? Dong Gua Ren, Jie Geng, Yu Xing Cao
With what 3 medicinals is Tian Hua Fen combined to treat Wasting and Thirsting Disorder following febrile diseases? Zhi Mu, Ge Gen, Wu Wei Zi
Which channel does Tian Zhu Huang enter? HT
What does Tian Zhu Huang treat? Childhood convulsions
Of the medicinals made from bamboo, which is the coldest? Zhu Li
List the 3 conditions Zhu Ru treats. Phlegm-Heat, vomiting, bleeding associated with Blood-Heat
List 3 conditions Pang Da Hai treats on its own. 1) Hoarseness with constrained LU-Qi 2) Constipation due to heat 3) Incomplete expression of rashes
What does Pang Da Hai treat when combined with Jie Geng? Phlegm-Heat
What does Pang Da Hai treat when combined with Xuan Shen? Yin Deficiency
What does Pang Da Hai treat when combined with Bo He? Wind-Heat
List 3 actions of Fu Hai Shi. 1) Softens hardness and dissipates nodules 2) Promotes urination 3) Clears Phlegm-Heat
How is Fu Hai Shi prepared when it is used to promote urination? Ground into powder and taken directly
What is the difference between Phlegm-Heat and dry Phlegm? Dry Phlegm involves yin deficiency
With what is Qian Hu combined to treat cough due to a disturbance in the normal descending function of the LU? Bai Qian
Of Ban Xia and Chuan Bei Mu, which is better for treating Phlegm lodged in the ST? Ban Xia
Of Ban Xia and Chuan Bei Mu, which is better for treating Phelgm lodged in the LU? Chaun Bei Mu
List 3 conditions that Ban Xia treats. 1) Copious sputum, Phlegm due to damp SP 2) Rebellious Qi from lingering damp in SP 3) Phlegm nodules in the neck or anywhere in the body
When is Ban Xia contraindicated? In all cases of bleeding, when a cough is yin deficient, when fluids are depleted
Which channels do Tian Nan Xiang and Ban Xia enter? Ban Xia: LU/SP; Tian Nan Xing: LU/SP/LV
Which conditions does Tian Nan Xing treat? Wind-Phlegm: spasms,dizziness and numbness
Tian Nan Xing transforms Phlegm-Heat when mixed with what? Dan Nan Xing and bile
Which condition does Bai Fu Zi treat? Wind-Phelgm associated with Deficient/Floating Yang
When is Bai Fu Zi contraindicated? In cases of Yin Deficiency
With what is Xuan Fu Hua combined for vomiting and hiccup? Dai Zhe Shi
With what is Xuan Fu Hua combined for accumulation of congested fluid/Phlegm? Ban Xia
What does Bai Qian do? Treats LU-Qi blockage/stagnation with copious sputum
Bai Jie Zi is used to treat what? Chronic disorder Phlegm-Cold in the LU with copious, thin discharge; Nodules; Phlegm-Cold in the channels
What are the three actions of Bai Jie Zi, Zi Su Zi, and Lai Fu Zi? Eliminate Phlegm, regulate Qi, pacify wheezing
Of Bai Jie Zi, Zi Su Zi, and Lai Fu Zi, which warms the LU? Bai Jie Zi
Bai Jie Zi, Zi Su Zi, and Lai Fu Zi, which descends the LU-Qi? Zi Su Zi
Of Bai Jie Zi, Zi Su Zi, and Lai Fu Zi, which disperses LU-Qi? Lai Fu Zi
What are 4 actions of Jie Geng? 1) Diffuses the LU-Qi for both Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat coughs 2) Promotes discharge of pus 3) Benefits the throat 4) Leads medicinals to the upper region of the body
List 4 actions Zao Jiao takes in treating Phlegm Obstruction. 1) Loosens sputum that is difficult to expectorate 2) Opens the orifices and revives the spirit 3) dissipates clumps and swellings 4) Unblocks the bowels due to roundworms
When combined with Xi Xin, what does Zao Jiao do? Acts as nasal insufflation for sudden loss of conciousness
Do medicinals that relieve cough and wheezing treat the biao (manifestation) or the ben (root)? Biao, the manifestation.
What is a caution when using medicinals that relieve cough and wheezing? Not recommended for long term use
What kind of Lung Qi does Xing Ren circulate? Both diffusing to the exterior and descending to the LI
What is the property of Xing Ren and what kinds of presentations does it treat? Slightly warm -- treats either hot or cold depending on what it's combined with
Xing Ren is moist in nature and is therefore used to do what? Treat dry cough, moisten LI
With what is Xing Ren combined for Wind-Cold? Zi Su Ye
With what is Xing Ren combined for dry cough? Mai Men Dong
With what is Xing Ren combined for Wind-Heat? Sang Ye
With what is Xing Ren combined for wheezing? Ma Huang
With what is Xing Ren combined for constipation? Huo Ma Ren
When is Zi Wan used? For chronic cold-induced cough, especially with blood-streaked sputum
When is it important to stop a cough? With: 1) Coughing blood 2) Interrupting sleep 3) Back pain/disc problems 4) Dry Phlegm (with caution)
What is the property of Kuan Dong Hua? Warm
How is Kuan Dong Hua used? To descend LU-Qi and stop cough due to cold
Medicinals like Kuan Dong Hua are often fried with honey to do what? Enhance their moistening abilities
How is Zi Su Zi used? To redirect Lu-Qi downward, espeically when the patient experiences a stifling sensation in the chest
What is the english name of Zi Su ZI? Perilla seed
Name an action of Zi Su Zi. Moistens intestines for dry constipation
What is the property of Pi Pa Ye? Cool
What does Pi Pa Ye do? Descends LU-Qi and harmonizes ST to direct ST-Qi downward when there is heat
With what could Pi Pa Ye be combined to treat LU-Heat cough with viscous sputum? Xing Ren
What is the property of Bai Bu? Warm
When is Bai Bu used and with what is it combined? To treat Yin Deficiency cough with Chuan Bei Mu
What does Bai Bu do? Expels parasites, particularly pinworms
What is the property of Sang Bai Pi? Cold
What does Sang Bai Pi do? 1) Drains heat from LU to stop cough 2) Promotes urination with floating pulse 3) treats floating edema with fever, thirst, and difficult urination
With what is Sang Bai Pi combined to treat both LU-Heat and deficiency heat, and cough with thick sputum, fever, and thirst? Di Gu Pi
Why is Ting Li Zi contraindicated with LU deficiency? Because it is cold and strongly drains the LU with copious sputum and gurgling sound in the throat to calm wheezing and cough
Which channels does Ting Li Zi enter? LU and BL
What does Ting Li Zi do? Reduces edema and fluid accumulation in the chest with excess-type obstruction of LU and BL Qi
Which family is Ma Dou Ling a member of? Aristolochia - caution
For what kinds of conditions does Ma Dou Ling transform phlegm, stop cough, and calm wheezing? LU-Heat or LU deficiency with heat signs
Where does Mu Hu Die act most strongly and and what does it do there? On the throat -- brings moisture and clears voice
What is another action of Mu Hu Die? Regulates constrained LV-Qi
With what 2 medicinals is Mu He Die combined to treat hoarseness, pain, and swelling in the throat? Pang Da Hai and Chan Tui
For which channels does Meng Shi have an affinity? LU and LV
Name 3 actions of Meng Shi. Descends LU-Qi, Resolves Phlegm, especially Phlegm-Heat, and calms the LV for seizures and palpitations
Name the 4 medicinals most often used for Phlegm accumulation in the LU. Chuan Be Mu, Xing Ren, Zi Wan, Kuan Dong Hua
What is the property of Chuan Bei Mu? Slightly cold
What is the property of Xing Ren? Slightly warm
What is the property of Zi Wan? Warm
What is the property of Kuan Dong Hua? Warm
What are the following medicinals most often used for: Xuan Fu Hau (warm) and Pi Pa Ye (cold)? ST Phlegm accumulation
What is this group of medicinals most often used for: Hai Zao (cold), Kun Bu (cold), Zhe Bei Mu (cold), Tian Nan Xing (warm), Bai Fu Zi (warm)? Phlegm in the channel
What do these medicinals treat: Tian Nan Xing (warm), Bai Fu Zi (warm), Zao Jiao (warm)? Turbid Phlegm blocking orifices; Wind-Phlegm
What are Xing Ren and Kuan Dong Hua used to treat? Externally contracted acute cough
What do Bai Bu (warm, but treats yin deficiency) and Zi Wan (warm) treat? Internal, chronic cough
What do Zi Su Zi (warm) and Zi Wan (warm) treat? Cold induced cough
What do Sang Bai Pi(cold) and Pi Pa Ye (cool) treat? Heat induced cough
Which medicinal treats wheezing? Xing Ren
Which 2 medicinals treat hoarseness? Mu Hu Die and Pang Da Hai
What do Sang Bai Pi and Ting Li Zi treat? Edema
In general, which herbs are used for binding in the chest? Trichosanthes and perilla families
How does Jie Geng regulate LU-Qi? Ascends and diffuses
How does Xing Ren regulate LU-Qi? Diffuses and descends, especially with regard to the LI
What do aromatic medicinals most speficially focus on in the SP and ST? Turbidity
List the 4 degrees of concentration of fluids from least dense to most dense. Dampness, Turbidity, Phlegm, Nodulation
What is the property of Huo Xiang? Warm
What are 3 main actions of Huo Xiang? 1) Treats Summerheat-Damp obstructing the surface and MW, 2) Harmonizes MW to stop vomiting, 3) Releases the exterior, including both Summerheat-Damp and Wind-Cold
With which 2 medicinals is Huo Xiang combined to harmonize the MW, treat nausea and vomiting, and treat reduced appetite and diarrhea due to Damp? Cang Zhu and Ban Xia
With which 2 medicinals is Huo Xiang combined for Wind-Cold Damp obstructing the MW? Zi Su Ye and Hou Po
Pei Lan has what property which makes it less likely to lead to drynness? Neutral
What is Pei Lan used for? Excessive saliva and sticky sensation in the mouth
What are 3 main actions of Hou Po? 1) Moves Qi, 2) Transforms dampness, espeically for abdominal fullness and distention 3) Treats vomiting and diarrhea
Hou Po also resolves Phlegm and directs rebellious Qi downward for which 3 conditions? 1) Wheezing, 2) Stifling sensation in the chest 3) Coughing due to obstruction by Phlegm
With what 2 medicinals is Ho Pou combined to treat constipation due to accumulation and stagnation? Da Huang and Zhi Shi
What is the English name for Cang Zhu? Black Atractylodes
What are the 5 main actions of Cang Zhu? 1) Strengthens the SP when dampness obstructs MW 2) Treats Wind-Damp Bi 3) Clears damp-Heat in the LW 4) Releases exterior Wind-Damp cold 5) Improves vision, especially cataracts
What is Cang Zhu combined with to treat Damp-Heat in the LW? Huang Bai
In what parts of the body does Bai Dou Kou especially act? MW and UW
What is the property of Bai Dou Kou? Warm
What condtions does Bai Dou Kou treat when cold stagnates Qi and fluids? Stifling sensation in the chest, nausea and vomiting
Of Bai Dou Kou and Cao Dou Kou, which is most useful for Damp-Cold? Cao Dou Kou
What kinds of medicinals is Cao Dou Kou combined with to treat Damp-Cold? Those that warm the interior and expel cold to treat ST cold
What are the 2 main actions of Cao Guo? Dries dampness and disperses cold in the ST
What is the unique application of Cao Guo? Treats Shaoyang disorders such as malaria when presenting with Damp-Cold or turbid dampness
Name one other use of Cao Guo. Treats food stagnation, especially with meat
What are the 4 main actions of Sha Ren? 1) Transform damp and stop vomiting 2) Move stagnant Qi in Sp and ST 3) Calm the fetus 4) Counter cloying quality of rich tonifying herbs
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