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游客 traveler/tourist
老外 foreigner
入座 to take one's seat
周圍 周围 encompass/surrounding
菜單 菜单 menu
點菜 点菜 to order dishes
安康 good health
敬祝 to respectfully offer (written at the end of letter from someone of lower status to higher status
拿手 expert in/good at
懂事 懂事 sensible/thoughtful/intelligent
講究 讲究 (v) pay particular attention to/(adj) exquisite/aesthetic
味道 flavor
俱全 to have everything /to be complete
順便 顺便 conveniently/in passing/
招牌 a shop sign/a signboard
提醒 remind/call attention to/warn of
精神 vigor//spiritual/mental/psychological
同事 colleague/co-worker
謙虛 谦虚 modest
客气話 客气话 polite conversation
queer/to blame
不正常 abnormal
招待 /to receive (guests); to entertain; reception/
打招呼 /(v) greet sb by word or action; (v) give prior notice/
喝豆漿 喝豆浆 /drinking soy milk/
鹹蛋 咸蛋 /salted egg/
燒餅 烧饼 /(n) baked seseme seed coated cake/
滷蛋 卤蛋 /eggs stewed in soy sauce/
小吃店 /snack bar; a small eatery/
含笑 /with a smile on one's face/
服務員 服务员 /waiter; waitress; server/
炸春捲 炸春卷 /fried spring roll/
白切肉 /sliced white pork/
人參雞 人参鸡 /ginseng chicken/
番茄 番茄 /(n) tomato/
臭豆腐 /country style( stinky) tofu/
酸辣湯 酸辣汤 /hot and sour soup/
魚丸湯 鱼丸汤 /fish ball soup/
醬菜 酱菜 /preserved vegetables/
家書 家书 /a letter to or from your family's members/
姑姑 /(n) paternal aunt/
熱情 热情 /cordial/enthusiastic/passion/passionate/passionately/
中式 /Chinese style/
毛筆 毛笔 /writing brush/
書法 书法 /calligraphy/penmanship/
夜市 /night market/
傳統 传统 /traditional/
特色 /characteristic/distinguishing feature or quality/
營養 营养 /nutrition; nourishment/
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