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招牌 signboard / shop sign / reputation of a business
大螢幕 movie
盛夏 the midsummer
上映 to show (a movie) / to screen
紀錄片 documentary (film or TV program)
登場 to go on stage / fig. to appear on the scene / used in advertising to mean new product
創作 to create / to produce / to write / creative work / creation
展現 to come out / to emerge/to show
真實 true / real
復古 to return to old ways
造型 model or mold
親自上陣 to enter the field directly
逃生指南 a guide to flee for one's life
正經八百 serious
比手畫腳 to make lively gestures
難掩 difficult to cover up
渾然天成 to resemble nature itself / of the highest quality (idiom)
幽默感 sense of humor
獨具 to have unique (talent, insight etc)
符合常理 in keeping with conventional reasoning and morals
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