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Lesson 1


招待 to receive (guests); to entertain; reception
招生 (v) enroll new students
打招呼 (v) greet sb by word or action; (v) give prior notice
招待员 usher; greeter
不打自招 confess without being pressed
蕃茄 tomato
人参鸡 ginseng chicken
臭豆腐 country style( stinky) tofu
酸辣汤 hot and sour soup
鱼丸汤 fish ball soup
虐待 mistreatment
等待 wait for; await
营养 nutrition; nourishment
养育 foster; rear
保养 take good care of (or conserve) one's health; keep in good repair
休养 (v) recover; recuperate
喝豆浆 drinking soy milk
烧饼 (n) baked seseme seed coated cake
饼干 biscuit; cracker; cookie
酱菜 preserved vegetables
果酱 jam
咸蛋 salted egg
卤蛋 eggs stewed in soy sauce
小吃店 snack bar; a small eatery
含笑 with a smile on one's face
友善 friendly
服务员 waiter; waitress; server
炸春卷 fried spring roll
白切肉 sliced white pork
家書 家书 jia1shu1 /a letter to or from your family's members/
姑姑 姑姑 gu1 gu5 /(n) paternal aunt/
熱情 热情 re4 qing2 /cordial/enthusiastic/passion/passionate/passionately/
中式 中式 zhong1 shi4 /Chinese style/
毛筆 毛笔 mao2 bi3 /writing brush/
書法 书法 shu1 fa3 /calligraphy/penmanship/
夜市 夜市 ye4shi4 /night market/
傳統 传统 chuan2 tong3 /traditional/
特色 特色 te4 se4 /characteristic/distinguishing feature or quality/
遊客 游客 you2 ke4 /traveler/tourist/
老外 老外 lao3 wai4 /foreigner/
入座 入座 ru4zuo4 /to take one's seat/
周圍 周围 zhou1 wei2 /encompass/surrounding/
菜單 菜单 cai4 dan1 /menu/
點菜 点菜 dian3cai4 /to order dishes/
安康 安康 an1 kang1 /good health/
敬祝 敬祝 jing4 zhu4 /to respectfully offer (written at the end of letter from someone of lower status to higher status)/
拿手 拿手 na2 shou3 /expert in/good at/
懂事 懂事 dong3 shi4 /sensible/thoughtful/intelligent/
講究 讲究 jiang3 jiu4 /(v) pay particular attention to/(adj) exquisite/aesthetic/
味道 味道 wei4 dao5 /flavor/
俱全 俱全 ju4quan2 /to have everything /to be complete/
順便 顺便 shun4 bian4 /conveniently/in passing/
招牌 招牌 zhao1pai2 /a shop sign/a signboard/
提醒 提醒 ti2 xing3 /remind/call attention to/warn of/
精神 精神 jing1 shen2 /vigor/vitality/drive/spiritual/mental/psychological/
同事 同事 tong2 shi4 /colleague/co-worker/
謙虛 谦虚 qian1 xu1 /modest/
客气話 客气话 ke4qi4hua4 /polite conversation/
怪 怪 guai4 /queer/to blame/
不正常 不正常 bu4 zheng4 chang2 /abnormal/
Created by: rubychintan