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· Hydrocodone Opioid
· Lipitor Statin
· Levothyroxine Sodium Thyroid hormone bioidentical to T4 thyroid in body
· Lisinopril ACE inhibitors
· Amoxicillin Antibiotic related to penicillin
· Nexium proton pump inhibitor
· Plavix antiplatelet drug,
· Metoprolol Beta blocker
· Singulair For asthma leukotriene (white blood cell) receptor antagonists
· Lexapro SSRI
· Synthroid for thyroid synthetic brand name
· Proair Beta 2 adrenergic agonist, antiasthmatic
· Simvastatin lowers cholesterol
· Amlodipine Calcium channel blocker
· Azithromycin Antibiotic inhiibits protein synthesis
· Metformin HCL Glucophage for diabetes
· Levothroxine sodium thyroid med synthetic T4
· Metoprolol . beta 1 blocker for high blood pressure
· Hydrochorothiazide thyazide type diuretic for hypertension
· Crestor Most powerful statin – Lowers cholesterol
· Furosemide loop diuretic
· Warfarin anticlotting – anti VitaminK
· Advair Diskus for asthma
· Simvastatin statin lowers cholesterol
· Ibuprofen NSAID, cox 1 & 2
· Sertraline SSRI zoloft
· Azithromycin antibiotic
· Diovan ARB – angiotensin receptor blocker
· Digoxin Increases contractility of heart by sodium channel blocking
· Acarbose for Type II Diabetes
· Glimepiride – insulin secretagogue
· Actos for diabetes – increases the insulin sensitivity
· Codeine Opioid
· Morphine Opioid
· Methadone Opioid
· Demerol strong painkiller Opioid
· Dilantin anticonvulsant inhibits influx of sodium into cells
· Lasix Loop diuretic
· Seroquel antipsychotic inhibits dopamine 2 receptor
· Vicodin hydrocodone + tylenol
· Metoprolol beta 1 blocker for high blood pressure
· Amlodipine Calcium channel blocker
· Lisinopril ACE inhibitors
· Celebrex Cox 2 specific NSAID
· Lyrica for neuropathic nerve pain calcium channel blocker, is also an anticonvulsant
· Lamictal anticonvulsant, good for bipolar, sodium channel blocker
· Haldol antipsychotic
· Losartan ARB
· Prilosec Proton pump inhibitor
· Lipitor statin
· Fosamax osteoporosis
· Byetta mimics effect of incretin in body, for Type II Diabetes
Created by: c-rex