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Acu Therapeutics II

Midterm Review- Genitourinary, Edema, Sciatic

How many distinct etiologies for Uterine Bleeding? 7
What are the 7 etiologies for Uterine Bleeding? Blood Heat (in Chong & Ren channels), DH in Uterus, LQS, SP Xu (failure to control Blood) KD Yin Xu, KD Yang Xu
How many distinct etiologies for gallstones? 2
What are the 2 etiologies for gallstones? LR/GB Qi Stagnation. DH in LR/GB.
How many distinct etiologies for Seminal Emission? 2
What are the etiologies for Seminal Emission? Disharmony between HT & KD. And KD Xu (Yin or Qi)
How many distinct etiologies for sciatica? 3
What are the 3 etiologies for sciatica? WCD. Qi and Blood Stagnation (injury to SP & HT). KD Xu
How many distinct etiologies for edema? 4
What are the 4 etiologies for edema? SP QI Xu. KD Qi Xu. Dampness invades Spleen. Wind invades Lung.
How many distinct etiologies for impotence? 4
What are the 4 etiologies for impotence? Anger/stress= LQS. Over thinking/Over stress= HT/SP aka Blood/Qi Xu. Overeating- DH in LJ. Too much sexual activity or Old age= MMF/Kidney Essence Xu
How many distinct etiologies for Lin Syndrome? 5 (Qi, Blood, Stone, Gao, Lao (Overstrain)
What are the 5 etiologies for Lin Syndrome? Qi Lin is LQS. Blood Lin is DH in UB!!! Stone Lin is DH in LJ. Gao Lin is DH in LJ?? Lao Lin c/b either KD Qi Xu or Sinking SP Qi
What are the common points for gallstones? (Hint: There is FM of LR, BS of LR, BS of GB, a special combo for hypochondria pain (of which 1 pt is He-Sea of GB), and an extra point that is 1-2 cun below the He-Sea GB point. FM for LR is LR-14. BS for LR is UB-18. BS for GB is UB-19. Special combo points for HC pain is GB-24 and (don't ask me why) SJ-6!! Extra point 1-2 cun below GB-34 is called "Dan Nang Xue."
What are the common points for Seminal Emission? (There are five-- and only one is a BS point (of KD).) "Horizontal bone" (used for both SE as well as Impotence) is K-11. K-3 for Tonify Kidney. SP-6 (also used as Impotence common point) is said to be "Distal point for genital organs." BS of KD is UB-23. On same line as KD-23 is UB-52 aka "Willpower Door."
What are the common points for Impotence? (There are only four-- but suggests e-stim between the first two. Hint: One of the two e-stim points is one of the two common points for SE.) One of the 2 common points that is also used for SE is "Horizontal Bone" aka K-11. E-stim between this point and Ren-2 ("Crooked Bone"). But the 2 points besides K-11 and Ren 2 are SP-6 (also a SE common point) and LIVERR-1!!!
What the common points for Shaoyang sciatica? Five GB points: GB-30 (e-stim!) & GB-31 are local points. GB-34 is He-Sea. GB-39 is 3 cun above external malleolus. GB-40 is Yuan Source Point of GB.
What the common points for Taiyang sciatica? FIve UB points (e-stim to first THREE!): UB-54 and UB-37 are local points. UB-40 (how can you e-stim UB-40??) is He-Sea for UB. UB-57 is I don't know what (or where). UB-60 is Jing-River.
What are the common points for Edema? (There are FOUR-- plus an extra for lower leg qi.)` Low leg qi point is K6 (but MOXA only!). Obvious edema points are SP-9, ST-36 and maybe BS of SP... UB-20. Only not obvious one is the XCP (and Shu-Stream) for SP: SP-3!
What are the common points for Uterine Bleeding? There are ONLY THREE! Sea of Blood: SP-10. SP-1 for Stop Bleeding (especially "Failure to Control Blood in Vessels" bleeding). Third and final is that extra "Stop Red" point Duan Hong.
What are the common points for Lin Syndrome? There are 4 plus a range of 4 local points from which to pick. First four are BS and FM of Kidney: BS is UB-28; FM is Ren 3. Then He-Sea of SP: SP-9. Finally, SP-6 (??) for "Benefits Urination." The four local points are UB31-34.
LQS points, generally. There are 3 common in all LQS prescriptions. What are they? Four Gates: LI-4 and LR-3. But also Influential Point of Qi (aka Qi Gathering Point): Ren-17.
LQS points for gallstones include 2 points to Clear Heat where fever or bitter taste presents. What are they? LI-11 and Du-14 (both are Release Exterior/Clear Heat points)
LQS points for uterine bleeding (and.. not coincidentally Lin Syndrome) include the usual 3 (LI-4, LR-3 and Ren-17) but also include this BS of LR point. What is it? Both Uterine Bleeding and Lin Syndrome etiology with LQS add UB-18!! (Not that you would ever use it...)
OK. Sciatica! What are the Wind-Cold-Damp points? (It's kind of a no brainer: one is Wind point; one is Damp point. and the 3rd is either to moxa the king Shaoyang sciatica point or the kind Taiyang sciatica point!) Damp is SP-9. Wind is GB-20. Moxa GB-30 for Shaoyang sciatica. Moxa UB-54 for Taiyang sciatica.
Qi & Blood Stasis points for sciatica. There are 4 points. Two are the Four Gates. (No ST-36 here for whatever reason, but the Sea of Blood point is one of the other two. The 4th is the BS for Blood.) So LI-4/LR-3. Sea of Blood point is SP-10. BS for Blood is UB-17!
Kidney deficiency points for sciatica. There are three. One is YSP and Shu-Stream of KD. One is DU point for tonifying KD Yang. Other is BS of KD. YSP/Shu-Stream for KD is KD-3. BS of KD is UB-23. Du point for tonifying Kidney Yang is Du-4!!!
What are the Damp Heat points for Impotence? (This is tough. The obvious Damp point is there. And I suppose the obvious Clear Heat from LR channel point. But FM of UB!!?? and then the UB local points choice.) Damp is SP-9. Jing-Spring of LR is LR-2. FM of UB is.... Ren-3! And local UB points for DH in LR are UB-31-34.
What are the "Tonify Qi and Blood" points for Impotence d/t "overthinking" or too much stress? Tonify qi is ST-36. Tonify Blood is would maybe be SP-10, but it's not in this list!! "Sea of Qi" is Ren-6. HT-7 is YSP for Heart. Then we have BS for HT (UB-15) and BS for SP (UB-20).
Three points to moxa, one point to needle (BS of KD), one point to e-stim for MMF decline or KD Essence Xu causing impotence. The three points to moxa are Ren-4, Du-4 and Ren-8. The e-stim point is K-7!!!!! And BS of KD is UB-23.
What odd points does Qi Wei pick up fro LQS leading to impotence? (Hint: we already have the Four Gates, Ren-17 and, let's say, BS of LR (UB-18). The odd point "Calms the Shen" and is located on ventral/yin TCW... HT-7!!
Wow... the points for Seminal Emission if d/t KD-HT disharmony. TWO of the points are on the TCW!! One is Tonify KD point on ankle. One is BS of HT. To correct disharmony of HT-KD he has HT-7 and PC-7. Then K-6 to tonify (KD) yin. ANd BS of HT is UB-15.
Points for Kidney Xu causing Seminal Emission. One is Three Yin Crossing point. One is He-Sea of KD. The other two are Ren points: Sea of Qi and Gateway to Original Qi. Three Ying Crossing is SP-6. He-Sea of Kidney is KD-10. Sea of Qi is Ren-6. Gateway to Original Qi is a bit farther down: Ren-4!
What KD point would you MOXA for Kidney Qi deficiency leading to edema? Gateway to Original Qi: Ren-4
What KD point says "Moxa Only" for edema of lower leg? K-6
Wow.. Edema d/t invasion of Lung by Wind. What are the two points (one LI one LU) for Release the Exterior? LI-4 and LU-7
Wow.. Edema d/t invasion of Lung by Wind. What is the LI point to "Open the Lung" (must be XCP.. but it is 6 or 7??) XCP for LI is LI-6
Wow.. Edema d/t invasion of Lung by Wind. What is the Wind Palace point? GB-20
Wow.. Edema d/t invasion of Lung by Wind. What is the "painful but works fast" Yang Edema point on face? Du-26
Edema d/t Damp invading Spleen. There are only TWO points (unless you count the optional K-6 point). One is SP-9. What is the other one? SP-5!!
Created by: mrbarr