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adv 14paragraph

study guide from book

Media that reach prospects outside their homes is called what are called out of home media.
Of the major ad media,outdoor advertising is how expensive? least expensive per message delivered.
out of home media offers what are attractive features instant broad coverage reach, very high frequency, great flexibility, and high impact
Drawbacks of out of home media include limitations of brief messages, long lead times, high initial production costs, and diff of physically inspecting each billboard.
The standardized outdoor ad industry consists of about 3,000 local and regional plant operators.
National ad makes up the bulk of outdoor business.
The three most common forms of outdoor ad structures: are the 30 sheet poster, the eight sheet poster, the bulletin.
A form of outdoor available in some cities is the spectacular, an expensive electronic display.
The basic unit of sale for outdoor advertisement is the: 100 showing, or 100 GRPs, which means the message will appear on enough panels to provide a daily exposure equal to the markets total population.
Transit ad includes transit shelters, station, platform, and terminal posters, inside cards and outside posters on buses, and taxi exteriors.
transit medium offers high reach, frequ, exposure, attention values at low cost.
transit ad exposure gives long exposure to the advertisers message that offers repetitive value and geographic flex.
transit advertisers have a wide choice in the size of space used.
By transit ad does not cover some segments of society.
Transit ad it reaches a nonselective audience
Disadvantages of transit ads it lacks prestige, and copy is still somewhat limited.
100 showing means that one ad will appear on each vehicle in that markets systems out of home
Other out of home media include mobile billboards, electronic signs, and display panels. Parking meters, and public phones.
Direct mail attracts more than 20% of all ad dollars.
While direct mail has historically been the most __________ cost of medium expensive major medium on a cost per exposure basis
Direct mail has also always been the most effective in terms of tangible results.
Marketers like direct mail for its targeting ability and accountability.
There are many types of direct mail ad: from catalogs and a brochure to emails and statements suffers.
One of the great features of direct mail is? that it can work in concert with ads in other media.
However, direct mail has many drawbacks too, what are they? primarily its cost and the junk mail image.
The three things that affect direct mail are success are the mailing lists, the offer, and the creative package.
The direct mail piece normally goes through what kind of production process? process as any other print piece.
The ____________ the creative package, as well as _________ all affect printing costs. size and shape as well as type of illustrations and color
Specialty ad are used by businesses
What is the large part of promotion product industry? specialty ads
Advertising specularities are effective at? improving the perception and recollection of a business.
When used in communication with other media, promotional products can:? significantly increased brand interests.
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