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adv chapter 14 DEF


Advertising specialty Form of advertising that uses advertising novelties as medium for the message Examples include buttons bumper stickers and balloons with writing
Business reply mail include Pre-addressed reply postcard business reply card envelope (business reply envelope), or carton that can be mailed free by a responder.
Transit advertising Advertising that appears inside and outside on public transport vehicles, in waiting areas, and at stations and terminals.
Showing a group of outdoor boards which provide a certain percent coverage of a market, usually purchased in increments of 25 (e.g. a
Premium Merchandise offered free or at reduced price to make a combined offer (see bundling) more attractive to the customer.
Outdoor advertising Advertising on bill boards or signboards, outside of a building and often by the roadside.
List broker Person or firm that sells categorized lists of people in a geographical area for use in direct mail campaigns.
House organs Internally developed and published magazine or newsletter, designed to communicate the news and activities of an organization to its employees and select external audiences.
Direct-mail advertising Contacting carefully targeted prospects with custom tailored offers or promotional material (such as brochures, circulars, letters, newsletters) on one-to-one basis via ordinary mail or email.
Direct mailings carry what kind of response mechanism such as a toll-free number, website address, and/or a business-reply card.
In the US, direct mail advertising is the: _______________advertising medium totaling over $50 billion per year, or about 35 percent of all annual advertising expenditure. largest single advertising medium
Catalogs List of goods or services on sale with their description and prices published as a printed document, or as an electronic document (e-catalog) on internet or on a diskette, CD, DVD, etc.
BRM is used mainly in the direct mail industry, and also in facilitating the return of defective goods or disposable components (such as laser printer cartridges) for replacement or recycling.
who pays the standard mailing charges for each piece of mail receipient
who is charged a permit fee by the post office for offering business reply card service? The recipient
Business reply mail include Pre-addressed reply postcard, business reply card envelope, or carton that can be mailed free by a responder.
Broadsides Unfolded sheet of large size paper printed only on one side and used usually as a poster
Advertising specialty Form of advertising that uses advertising novelties as medium for the message
Examples of advertising specialty forms include buttons, bumper sticker,s and balloons with writing
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