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Pts 2


KI-27 location Lower border of clavicle, 2 cun out from ren
Ren-11 Location 3 cun up from umbilicus
KI-8 location .5 ant to KI-7 (2 cun up from KI 3)
KI-17 location 2 cun up from umbilicus (.5 cun out from ren)
UB-62 location below lat. mal
HT-3 location baby's butt
Du-12 location below T3
UB-23 location at L2
LI-5 location snuff box
UB-15 location at T5
DU-4 location below L2
KI 7 location 2 cun above KI-3
UB-58 location 7cun above UB 60 (btwn lat mal & achilles)
KI-25 location 2nd ICS (2 cun lat. to Ren)
Ren 10 location 2 cun above umbilicus
KI-16 location level w/ umbilicus (.5 cun lat to ren)
HT-7 location on crease(pinky side)
locations for Ren 20 Ren 14 Ren 16 Ren 20 - sternum 1st ICS Ren 14 - 6 above umb. Ren 16 - 5th ICS
locations for KI-26 KI-21 KI-22 KI 26 - 1st ICS (2 lat to ren) KI 21 - 6 above umb (.5 lat to ren) KI 22 - 5th ICS (2 cun lat to ren)
Locations for DU 2, 4, 8, 10. 14 Du 2 - on hiatus of sacrum Du 4 - below L2 Du 8 - below T9 Du 10 - below T6 Du 14 - below C7
Locations for UB 13, 15, 18, 20, 23 UB 13 - at T3 UB 15 - T5 UB 18 - T9 (Du 8) UB 20 - T11 UB 23 - L2 (Du 4)
Function of UB 17 Influential PT of blood Invig blood and dispels blood stasis cools blood heat & stops bleeding nourishes and harmonizes blood Harmonizes the diaphram & descends rebellious qi
Function of DU 14 TX malaria Expels wind & firms exterior clears heat tonifies deficiency pacifies wind
Du enters the brain at what point Du-16
Back shu and Front mu of LU UB 13 LU 1
Back Shu and Front MU of SI UB 27 Ren 4
Back Shu and Front MU of Heart UB 15 Ren 14
What point aligns with the following points Ren 18 Du 9 Du 12 Ren 18 = Ki 24 Du 9 = UB 17 Du 12 - UB 13
KI meridian Foot Shao Yin
UB meridian Foot Tai yang
SI meridian hand tai yang
heart meridian hand shao yin
Luo pt of KI Ki 4
xi-cleft of Heart HT 6
Luo of SI SI 7
River point of UB UB-60
Water point of KI KI-10
Location and FX of KI 6 1 cun below med mal. Benefits the THROAT nourishes KI & clears def heat calms spirit reg. yin motility vessel reg. lower jiao
Loc. and FX of Ren 17 sternum, 4th ICS Front MU of PC benefits breast & promotes lactation reg. qi & unbinds chest Descends rebellion of LU & ST
Loc and FX of KI 7 2 cun above KI 3 Reg. SWEATING reg water passages & tx edema strengthens lumbar region
Loc and FX of DU 1 above coccyx and anus TX hemorrhoids benefits the 2 lower yin ACAP calms spirit
Loc and FX of Ren 4 3 cun below umb. Front MU of SI Reg. SI Fortifies orig. essence tonifies KI warms & fortifies SP Benefits uterus & asst conception Reg low jiao & benefits bladder
Loc and FX of KI 1 distal 1/3 of sole of foot Revives Consciousness & rescues yang descends excess from the head calms the spirit
Indication for HT 4 cardiac pain spasmodic pain of the elbow and arm sudden loss of voice
Indication for UB 36 Pain in lower back & gluteal region constipation muscular atrophy pain, numbness and motor impairment of lower extremities
Indication for Ren 22 Asthma cough sore throat hiccup sudden hoarseness of voice goiter difficulty swallowing
Function of SI-3 SPINE & NEURO benefits the occiput, neck, & back clams spirit & tx epilepsy clears wind & heat tx malaria reg the governing vessel benefits sensory orifices
Function of KI 4 strengthens the WILL & dispels FEAR reinforces the KI Anchors the Qi & benefits the LU
Created by: nicoleinsd2