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What is Cbeyond's vision? To be the last communications company a small business will ever need
Lis Cbeyond's character statements See beyond yourself . . . Care relentlessly, Act graciously, Lead courageously, Learn continuously
Three components that help Cbeyond to meet small business' needs. 1 company, 1 bill, Cbeyond online
List the five tiers of Cbeyond's customer service philosophy. Sales Rep, Service Coordinator (SC), Cbeyond Online, One number to Call, Solutions Advisors (SAs)
The FCC regulates: Interstate and international Calling
LNP stands for? what does it refer to? Local Number Portability. refers to the customer's ability to change local providers while keeping their current number.
What event created local competition in the telecom industry? Telecom Act of 1996
Name 2 technologies that fueled the use of the internet. HTML & browser.
What turns into readable text and graphics? HTML
Name 2 commonly used Internet browsers. Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Modzilla Firefox
What is an IP address? a series of 4 numbers separated by periods systems used in Internet Protocol routing to locate a device on a network.
What is a domain name? A plain language identifier
What does CO stand for? Central Office
What is a CO? A large building that houses hardware and software that is operated by a LEC
In simple terms, what is a NPA-NXX? area code & prefix
Does a T-1 provide analog or digital transmission? digital
what is the max bandwidth of a T-1? 1.54 Mbps
What is a 1FB? 1 flat rate business line
a PBX provides its own dial tone a features. (T/F) True
What must you dial to get outside dial tone with a PBX? Dial 9 or 8
What are the advantages of SIPconnect? SIPconnect offers very competitive pricing, low cost to support, feature rich, multi-location support and more.
What is a LAN? A LAN (Local Area Network) is a short distance data communications network used to link together computers so that peripheral equipment and files can be shared?
What is a network switch? A network switch is a computer devices that connects network segments, such as computers, printers, and-or servers on the customer's LAN
Why do small businesses generally not purchase a Full T-1? too expensive
What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL? ADSL is asymmetrical with low speeds and high download speeds. SDSL is symmetrical with the same speeds for both upload and download.
How does distance from the CO impact the delivery of DSL services? Over-subscription, reliability, and availability
What is the access speed of Cable modern service? 1.5 Mbps, shared
What type of cable is used to connect networked PC's? CAT5 Cable
What is the one important point that we would like you to remember about how Cbeyond delivers service? at Cbeyond we deliver high speed internet access and application services to small businesses to help them work more efficiently while positively impacting their bottom line.
How many local lines can the customer have with the BeyondVoice Office or BeyondVoice Mobile Edition package? up to 8 lines
How many shared landline distance/mobile minutes are included with BeyondVoice Office or Mobile Edition? 1000 minutes
What types of long distance services are included in the 1000 minutes? Long distance, mobile, toll free, conference calling
What is a hunt group? Hunt groups move incoming calls to the next available line
are conference calling minutes billed in full minute or 6 second increments? Full minute
What 3 option are available with VPN for an additional monthly fee? On-Net, Off-Net, Remote User
How much Secure Backup storage is included in the base package and what is the limit a customer can purchase for Secure Backup? 5GB included, Up to 1TB
What is the name of the product that is designed for business owner's residential use? BeyondOffice
What is Secure Desktop? Uniform Software for desktop security with Online Real time virus and Spyware reporting and license management
What are the 3 Web Hosting packages Cbeyond offers? Web Hosting, Web Marketing, Web Ecommerce
List Cbeyond's 3 vertical markets? Law Offices, Real Estate, Medical Offices
List the 4 general personality types Director, Socializer, Thinker, Relator
What does ARROW stand for? Activity Rep Reporting Online for Winning Sales
What are the 2 tips that will save time when you start using ARROWS? When entering DARS for the day, click on "new" to start a new day of activities. When entering new opportunities, search for the opportunity first by using the query button and entering the company name or phone number.
What is the access speed of ADSL and SDSL service? ADSL - avg. 256 Kbps upload and avg. 768 Kbps SDSL - ranges between 128 and 1.5 Mbps
What is Cbeyond's mission? To deliver "big" business communication services to small business customers at prices they can afford and that we can deliver profitably
What is the name of the web-based application used to manage conference calls? Web Moderator
What domain name suffixes does Cbeyond support? .com .net .org .biz .mobi .name .us .info
What are the 4 component required to network PCs? PCs, Network Switch, NIC, CAT5 Cable
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