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Chapter 2 - Sfty & H

Safety and Health

machine guards Metal or plastic enclosures that cover moving machine parts and protect the operator from being cut, squashed, or hit by flying fragments
nip points The point of contact where two cylinders, gears, or rollers meet or come close to one another
barrier guards Machine guards that can be hinged or moved
lockout devices A key or combination-type lock used to hold an energy isolating device in the safe position to prevent the machine from energizing
tagout device A prominent warning device securely fastened to an energy isolating device, to indicate that electrical power is off and must remain off until the tage is removed
toxic substance A poisonous substance
personal protective devices Clothing or equipment worn for protection from potential bodily injury associated with chemical use or machine operation
volatile organic compounds (VOCs) Toxic substances contained in blanket and roller washes, fountain solutions, plate cleaners, glaze removers, degreasers, and film cleaners
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) A document, produced by a chemical manufacturer, that summarizes the physical properties of a particular chemical and the health and safety hazards associated with its use.
spontaneous combustion Ignition by rapid oxidation without an external heat source
decibles (dBA) A unit for expressing the intensity of sound
ergonomics The science of fitting the job to the worker
waste stream The solid, liquid, or contained gaseous material that is produced and disposed of, incinderated, or recycled by a facility
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