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Chapter 1 - Overview

Overview of Graphic Communications

graphic communications The exchange of information in a visual form, such as words, drawings, photographs, or a combination of these
substrate Any material with a surface that can be printed or coated
copy The text elements (words) used in producing printed products
artwork The graphic elements (line art and photographs) used in producing printed products
line art An illustrated image drawn by hand or using a computer software (solid black lines on white background)
continuous tone copy An image with an infinite number of gradations between the lightest highlights and the darkest shadows
image carrier A press plate or other intermediate used to transfer identical images onto a substrate
editing The final preparation of the author's or writer's manuscript for publication, including checking the text, line art, and photographs
page composition Prepress process of setting type and image layout for a page
photoconversion The processes that use light to place the original image onto a light-sensitive material
process camera Device used to make enlargements, reductions, and same-size reproductions of originals for use in page composistion or stripping work
process colors The four colors of ink used for color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK)
image assembly The process of electronically assembling line and halftone nagatives or positives into pages
computer-to-plate (CTP) Imaging systems that take fully-paginated digital materials and expose this information to plates without creating film intermediates
printing A process involving the use of a specialized machine to transfer an image from an image carrier to a substrate
printing press A specialized machine used to transfer an image from an image carrier to a substrate, usually paper
flexography a relief printing process that uses flexible printing plates
impactless printing term for several types of printing that do not require direct contact between an image carrier and the substrate
electrostatic printing A printing method that uses the forces of electric current and static electricity
binding The process of joining together multiple pages of printed product by various means including sewing, stapling, spiral wire, and adhesives
finishing A general term that applies to the many operations carried out during or following printing
commercial printing A segment of the graphic communications industry that produces various products for customers, including forms, newspaper inserts, and catalogs
quick printing A subdivision of commercial printing, consisting of shops specializing in rapidly completing short-run printing and photocopying work for business customers
periodical printing That segment of the graphic communications industry consisting of plants that are designed primarily to print magazines
newspaper printing A segment of the graphic communicatins industry that involves publishing and printing daily or weekly newspapers
book printing Graphic communications industry segment that produces trade books and text books
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