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Internal Medicine B


Yang: Wind water invade Wei Qi Portion edema of eyes & face, sudden onset, aver to cold, fever, aches in muscle, retention of urine T: no change P: floating slow Reduce, Cup: LI4, TB5, LU7, BL12, BL13, LI6, LI10, DU26, REN17, ST36 -Yue Bi Jia Zhu Tang
Yang: Toxic heat edema of any part of body, sore, carbuncle or faruncle T: red w/ thick, sticky-yellow t/c P: slippery rapid Reduce excp Ren12, Bl20, BL13: REN12, BL20, REN9, ST28, BL22, SP9, LU7, BL13, LI11 -Ma Huang Lian Qiao Chi Xiao Dou Tang & Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
Yang: Dampness edema of whole body or legs, scanty urination, feel heavy, feel full, oppression epig T: sticky t/c P: slippery REN12, BL20, BL21, ST36, REN9, ST8, REN6, SP9, SP6, BL22 -Wu Pi San & Wei Ling Tang -Wu Ling San
Yang: Damp-heat edema of legs or abdm, thin & shiny skin, feel full in epig, thirst w/o desire to drink, scanty dark urine T: sticky-yellow t/c P: slippery rapid Reduce: LI11, SP9, SP6, REN9, ST28, BL22 -Shu Zao Yin Zi
Yin: Sp Yang Def edema of abdm or legs, pitting on pressure, feel full of epig & abdm, loose too, pale face, tiredness, scanty urine T: pale sticky t/c, teeth mark P: weak & fine Moxa: REN12, ST36, BL20, BL21, SP6, REN6, REN9, ST28, BL22, -Shi Pi Yin
Yin: Ht Yang Def edema of limbs, palpitation, SOB on exertion, feel cold, cold limb, spon sweating T: Pale P: weak, slow or knotted Moxa: PC6, HT5, BL15, REN17, REN9, SP6, KD7 -Gui Pi Tang Var
Yin: Kd Yang Def edema of whole body or leg, pitting on pressure, sore back & knee, feel cold espc in back & leg, urinate scanty or profuse but very pale, tiredness, depress, bright white complex T: pale swollen P: deep weak Moxa: REN4, BL23, KD7, BL20, ST36, BL22, ST28 -Jin Gui Sheng Qi Wan
Qi: Qi stagnation edema of limb none pitting, thin limb, abdm distension, irri T: normal or with sli red side P: wiry LIV3, GB34, TB6, PC6, LI10, ST36 -Jia Wei Shi Zhu Tang
Created by: djraspberry