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Internal Medicine B


Heat in liv dry stool, infq bowel movement, thirst, bitter taste, dark urine, h/a, irri, red face, blood shot eyes T: Red, red on side, dry yellow t/c P: wiry & rapid Reducing: LI4, LI11, TB6, LIV2, SP6, SP14, SP15, ST44, ST28, ST29, WAISHUIDAO, WAIGUILAI -Dang Gui Long Hui wan -Long Dan Qi Gan Tang Var
Acute LI & St fire constip, dry stool, abdm pain, fullness & red face, thirst, dry mouth, profuse sweating, feel of heat, high fever T: red w/ thick dry, yellow coating P: deep full rapid Reduce: TB6, SP15, LI11, ST44, LI4, ST28, ST29 -Da Cheng Qi Tang
Stagnation of Liv Qi constip w/ stool shape like pebble but not dry, desire to open bowel but dif, belching, abdm distension, irri T: normal, mayb sli red on sides P: wiry, mayb wiry of L Even: REN10, GB34, REN6, LIV3, TB6, SP15, -Liu Mo Tang -Shao Yao San Var
Qi Def desire to open bowel but diff, great effort to open bowel, feel exhaustion afterward, thin, long stool w/ not dry, pale complex tiredness T: Pale P:empty Reinf: BL21, BL25, SP15, ST36, SP6, REN6, LU7, BL13 -Huang Qi Tang
Yang Def diff defication, exhaustion & sweating after defecation, stool not dry, sore back & knee, feel cold, freq pale urination T: pale wet P: deep weak Reif, moza: ST36, SP6, BL23, KD7, BL25, REN4 -Ji Chuan Jian -Jin Gui Sheng Qi Wan
Blood Def dry stool, diff defecation, dull-pale complex, dizzy, numbness of limbs, blurred vision T: pale or normal P: Choppy Reif: ST36, SP6, REN4, SP15, BL23, BL20, BL25 -Run Chang Wan Var
Yin Def Dry stool, thirst with desire to sip water, dry mouth & throat espc in evening, sore back & knee, dizzy, tinnitus, night sweating T: w/o coating P: thready rapid Reif no moxa: ST36, SP6, REN4, KD3, KD6, BL23, BL25, SP15 -Zeng Ye Tang -Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Sp & Kd Yang Def with cold diff defecation, stool not dry, no bowel movement for several day, crampy abdm pain, pale urine, pale face, cold limb, feel cold T: Pale & Wet, thick white t/c on root P: Deep, slow Reif, moxa: REN6, REN8, KD18, BL23, BL25, BL26 -Da Huang Fu Zi Tang
Heat in St & LI dry stool, infq bowel movement, thirst, scanty dark urine, red face, feel of heat, abdm pain, dry mouth, foul breath T: red w/ yellow coating, red points around center & root P: Rapid Reduce: LI4, LI11, TB6, SP14, SP15, ST44, ST28, ST29, WAISHUIDAO, WAIGUILAI -Ma Zi Ren Wan
Created by: djraspberry