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Internal Medicine B


Full: Retention of Dampheat foul smell, yellowish loose stool, abdm pain, increse freq bowel move, feel full & heavy of abdm, burn sense in anus, feel of heat, thirst, scanty dark urine T: thick-sticky-yellow t/c P: Slippery rapid Reduce: REN12, BL22, SP9, SP6, ST25, BL25, LI11, ST37, ST39 -Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang
Full: Retention of Food rotten-smell loose stool, abdm pain relieve by bowel move, borbo, bad digest, feel full, belching, sour regurg, foul breath, no appetite T: thick t/c P: slippery Reduce excp Ren12: REN10, ST21, ST44, ST25, SP4, REN12 -Bao He Wan
Full: Liver Qi stagnation diarrhea oftern alternate w/ constipation, abdm distention, belching poor appetite, mental depression, moody, nervous tension, irri T: may not show mayb sli red on sides P: wiry Reduce excp Ren12, St36, Bl20: REN12, BL20, ST36, LIV13, GB34, SP6, ST39 -Tong Xie Yao Fang
Full: Blood stasis in the intestine chor diarrhea, blood in stool, abdm pain, worse on pressure, T: Purple P: wiry or firm often wiry on both rear position Even: SP4, PC6, LIV3, SP10, KD14, ST25, BL25, ST37, ST39 -Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Empty: Sp & St def Loose stool, sometime like water, thin stool, sometime w/ mucus, increase freq of bowel T: Pale, teethmarks P: weak Reinf: REN12, BL20, BL21, ST36, SP6, ST25, ST37, DU20 -Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
Empty: early morning diarrhea, sli abdm pain, borbo stop after bowel move, weak back & knee, dizzy, tinnitus, feel cold, cold limbs, freq pale urine, tired, poor appetite, T: Pale, wet P: weak & deep Reinf, moxa: REN12, BL20, ST36, SP6, BL23, BL25, ST25, ST37, REN6, DU20 -Si Shen Wan
Full: Retention of Cold Dampness diarrhea in severe case like water, abdm pain, borbo, feel oppression in cheat, no appetite, fever (not always), aversion to cold, nasal obstr, h/a, feel heavy T: thick-sticky- white t/c P: slippery slow Reduce excp Ren12: REN12, BL22, SP9, SP6, REN6 GINGER MOXA, ST25 -Hou Xiang Zheng Qi San
Created by: djraspberry