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Staffing Chaper 8

Study Stack for Chapter 8 Staffing

The process of assessing and evaluating people for the purposes of determining the likely fit between the person and the job. staffing
Holds that indicators of a person's degree of sucess in past situations should be predictive of how sucessful he or she will likely be in new situations. based on the logic of prediction
Past situations: Previous jobs, Current job, Nonjob...give a sample of KSAOs motivtions to predict: human resources outcomes
A predisposition of the person that is thought to relate to performance on the job. sign
Presents individuals with items of increasing difficulty. power test
Is used when correctness of the response is essential to the job. speed test
Are frequently used when psychological abilities are required to perform the job. paper and pencil test
Are used when physical and social skills are required to perform the job. performance test
Best used to assess written communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills. essays
Describes which predictors will be used to assess the KSAOs required to perform the job. selection plan
Somenoe who has not yet received an offer, but who posesses the minimum qualifications to be considered for further assessment. candidate
Also referred to as preemployement inquiries, are used to mimimize the costs associated with substantive assessment methods by reducing the number of people assessed. initial assessment methods
Always need to be vrified with other predictors, such as background checks, to ensure that there are accurate and complete data across all job applicants with which to make informed selection decisions. resume
The major advantage is that the organization, rather than the applicant, dictates what information is presented. application
One element of educational performance used to predict job performance. degree
Required by people by law to perform an activity. license
Voluntary in the sense that a law does not mandate it (though an individual employer may require it). certification
Personal history information on an applicant's background of interest. biodata
Due to advances in medical technology, it is now possible for employers to screen people on the basis of this code. genetic
Refers to expenses incurred in using the predictor. cost
Consistency of measurement. reliability
It is important for the organization to protect itself legally by clearly identifying rights it wants to maintain for itself. disclaimer
Creates a legal quaqmire for organiztions. referene checks
Seeks to uncover information about an applicant's interactios with the law. criminal background checks
Created by: SusanKWile