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blockbuster a book, film, etc that is very popular and successful
authentic [ɔ:'θentik] If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is.
casting director If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is.
cinematography [.sinimə'tɔgrəfi] art of making movies
make up to become friendly with someone again after you have argued with them v. 编造,弥补,整理,和解,化妆,拼凑成,制定
tear up rip; destroy with the hands
flashback (STORY) part of a film or book that goes back in time to something that happened before the main story began
documentary [.dɔkju'mentəri] a film or television programme that gives facts about a real situation or real people
composer someone who writes music
cartoon (DRAWING) a funny drawing, especially in a newspaper or magazine
witty using words in a funny and clever way
tedious ['ti:diəs] adj. boring
show up [i] arrive somewhere
science fiction stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe
realistic[riə'listik] stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe
profound (UNDERSTANDING) If an idea or piece of work is profound, it shows intelligence or a great ability to understand.[prə'faund]
plot (STORY) the things that happen in a story
lifelike adj.like real
horror a strong feeling of shock or fear, or something that makes you feel shocked or afraid
extra n. (ACTOR) an actor in a film who does not have a main part and usually plays someone in a crowd
entertaining [entə'teiniŋ] adj. 引起乐趣的,娱乐性的,令人愉快的n. 招待,款待
critic n. (JOB) someone whose job is to give their opinion of a book, play, film, etc
crew (TEAM) a team of people with special skills who work together Fire and ambulance crews were at the scene.
diplomacy [di'pləuməsi] n. 外交
tact [tækt]n. 机智,手法
superficial [.su:pə'fiʃəl] adj. 表面的,肤浅的
mushy ['m^~i]adj. 糊状的,含糊不清的,感伤的
marginal ['mɑ:dʒinəl] 添加生词 改进词条 mar·gin·aladj. 边际的,末端的,仅以微弱多数获胜的,微小的
tedious ['ti:diəs]adj. 沉闷的,单调乏味的
ridiculous [ri'dikjuləs] adj. 荒谬的,可笑的
thrilling adj scared
retarded [ri'tɑ:did] adj. 智力迟钝的,发展迟缓的v. 延迟,减速,妨碍n. 减速,放慢,智力迟钝的人
custody ['kʌstədi] n. 监护,拘留,监禁,羁押
revolver ri'vɔlvə]n. 左轮手枪
participle ['pɑ:tisipl]n. 分词
stunning ['stʌniŋ] adj. 足以使人晕倒的,极好的
tremendous [tri'mendəs] adj. 巨大的,惊人的
adorable [ə'dɔ:rəbl] adj. 值得崇敬的,可爱的
excruciating [iks'kru:ʃieitiŋ] adj. 极痛苦的,折磨人的
dashing ['dæʃiŋ] adj. 生气勃勃的,勇猛的,服饰时髦的
articulate [ɑ:'tikjuleit] adj. 发音清晰的,善于表达的adj. 有关节的v. 清楚地讲话,发音v. 以关节连接,接合
eloquest ['eləkwənt] adj. 雄辩的,有口才的,动人的
parachute ['pærəʃu:t] n. 降落伞,翼膜,缓降物v. 跳伞
avalanche ['ævəlɑ:ntʃ] n. 雪崩
glacier ['glæsjə] n. 冰河,冰川
steep [sti:p] adj. 陡峭的,险峻的,(价格)过高的n. 陡坡n. 浸泡,浸泡液v. 浸泡,沉浸
slope [sləup] n. 倾斜,斜坡,斜面,斜线,斜率vt. 使倾斜vi. 倾斜,有坡度
exhilarating [ig'ziləreitiŋ] adj. 令人振奋的,令人兴奋的,令人高兴的
spectacular [spek'tækjulə] adj. 壮观的,令人惊叹的n. 惊人之举,壮观的表演或影视作品
modifying by far/absolutely/easily/quite/without a doubt
burgeoning ['bə:dʒən] n. 芽,嫩枝v. 萌芽,发芽
extravagant [iks'trævəgənt] adj. 奢侈的,浪费的,过度的,大量的
mind-blowing adj.引起幻觉的,使兴奋的
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