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CAM Point Rx - W

Water & Essence Issues

DxPoint RxSx
Yin Edema K7, Ren4, Ren9, B20, B23, S36, Insidious onset of edema, 1st on pedis dorsum or eyelids then whole body, esp below lumbar, sallow complexion, averse to cold, cold limbs, sore back/loins, weak, epig fullness, ab dist, no app, loose stools, T: pale w/ white coat P: deep, thready
Urination Disturbance - Dysuria caused by calculi - Damp heat in lower jiao B28, Ren3, Sp9, B39 Occasional calculi in urine, Dysuria, Dark turbid urine or sudden or sudden interruption of urine, Unbearable pricking pain during urination, Pain of lumbus & ab, Blood in urine T: Normal coat
Urination Disturbance - Dysuria caused by qi dysfunction B28, Ren3, Sp9, Lv2 Difficult, hesitant urination, Fullness & pain of lower abdomen, T: TWC P: Deep, string-taut
Urination disturbance - Painful w/ blood B28, Ren3, Sp9, Sp10, Sp6 Hematuria w/ pain & urgency of micturition, Burning sens & pricking pain on urination T: Thin yellow coat P: Rapid, forceful
Urination disturbance - Dysuria with milky urine - Kd yin xu & Damp Heat Stag B28, Ren3, Sp9, B23, K6 Cloudy urine w/ milky or creamy appearance, Urethral burning pain in urination T: Red proper, sticky coat P: Thready rapid
Urination disturbance - Dysuria caused by overstrain - Sp/Kd xu, yang qi not ascending B28, Ren3, Sp9, Du20, Ren6, S36 Difficulty in urination w/ dribbling of urine occurring off & on, Exacerbated after overwork, usually refractory to treatment P: Weak
Retention of urine - Accumulation of heat in bladder B28, Ren3, Sp6, B39 Scanty hot urine or retention of urine, Dist & fullness of low ab, Thirst, no desire to drink, Constipation T: Red w/ yellow coat P: Rapid
Retention of Urine - Decline of Mingmen Fire B23, Ren4,SJ4, Du 4, Du20, Dribbling urination (attenuating force in discharge), Chilliness below lumbus, Pallor, Listlessness, Weak loins/knees T: Pale P: Deep, thready, weak at chi region
Retention of Urine - Damage of Qi in meridian Ren3, Sp6, S28, K5 Dribbling urine or retention of urine, Distention & dull pain in lower abdomen, T: Purplish spot on tongue P: Hesitant, rapid
Impotence - Decline of Mingmen Fire Ren4, Du4, B23, K3, Failure of penis in erection or weak erection, Pallor, Cold extrems, Dizziness, Listless, Sore/weak loins/knees, Freq urination, T: Pale with white coat P: Deep, thready
Impotence - Downward floating of Damp Heat Ren3, Sp6, Sp9, S36 Inability of penis to get erect, Bitter taste in mouth, Thirst, Sore/weak lower extrems, Hot, dark urine T: Sticky yellow coat P: Soft, rapid
Nocturnal Emission (Disharmony Ht/Kd) H7, B15, K3, B52 Nocturnal emission w/ dreams, Dizziness, Palps, Listless, Lassitude, Scanty, yellow urine, T: Red P: Thready, rapid
Seminal Emission - Spermatorrhea (Kid damage) K12, B23, Ren4, Ren6, Sp6 Freq spermatorrhea esp when desire for sex (day or night), Pallor, Listless, Lassitude T: Pale P: Deep, thready, weak
Edema - Facial puffiness Add Du 26 Facial puffiness
Edema on the pedis dorsum Add G41, Sp5 Edema on pedis dorsum
Nocturnal enuresis - Kd qi xu w/ failure of bladder in restraining the urine discharge B23, B28, Ren3, Sp6, Lv1 Involuntary micturition during sleep w/ dreams, Prolonged cases: Sallow complexion, Loss of app, Weakness T: Pale, white coat P: Weak at chi regions
Nocturnal enuresis with dreams Add H7 Noct. enuresis with dreams
Nocturnal enuresis with loss of appetite Add B20, St36 Noct. enuresis, loss of appetite
Impotence - Decline of Ming men fire with damage of Heart and Spleen Ren 4, Du4, B23, K3, B15, H7, Sp6 Failure of penis in erection or weak erection, Pallor, Cold extrems, Dizziness, Listless, Sore/weak loins/knees, Freq urination, Palpitations, Insomnia T: Pale with white coat P: Deep, thready
Yang Edema L7, LI4, LI6, Sp9, B39 Abrupt onset of edema - puffy face, eyelids, anasarca - lustrous skin, w/ fever, chills, thirst, cough, asthma & reduced urine output, T: TWC P: Superficial or Rolling rapid
Created by: c-rex