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CAM Point Rx - A

Abdominal Issues

DiagnosisPoint RxIndications
Epigastric Pain - Liv Attack St Ren12, P6, S36, Lv14, Lv3 Paroxysmal pain in epigastrium --> radiates to hypochondrium, Freq belch w/ nausea, Vomit, Acid regurg, Ab distention, Anorexia, T: TWC, P: Deep, Stringtaut
Epigastric Pain - St xu w/ cold stag Ren12, P6, S36, Sp4, B20, Ren6 Dull pain in epigastrium (relieved by pressure/warmth), Lassitude, Regurg of thin fluid, T: TWC P:Deep slow
Vomiting - Food stag Ren12, P6, S36, Sp4, Ren10 Acid fermented vomitus, Epigastric & ab distention, belching, anorexia, loose stool or constipation, T: thick granular coat P: Rolling & forceful
Vomiting - Liv Attack St Ren12, P6, S36, Sp4, Lv3 Vomit, acid regurgitation, freq belch, distending pain in chest/hypoch, irritability w/ an oppressed feeling, T: thin sticky coat P: String-taut
Vomiting - Hypofunction of Sp/St Ren12, P6, S36, Sp4, B20 Sallow complexion, Vomit after a big meal, Loss of app, Lassitude, Weakness, Slightly loose stool, T: pale w/ TWC, P: Therady & forceless
Persistent Vomiting Ren12, P6, S36, Sp4, Jinjing, Yuye Can't stop puking
Hiccup - Food Stag Ren12, P6, S36, B17, Ren14, Lv3 Loud hiccups, Epigastric & ab distention, Anorexia, T: Thick, sticky coat P: Rolling, forceful
Hiccup - Qi stag Ren12, P6, S36, B17, Ren 17, Lv3 Continual hiccups, distending pain & feeling of oppression in chest & hypochondrium, T: Thin coat P: String- taut & forceful
Hiccup - Cold in St Ren12, p6, S36, B17, Ren13 Slow & forceful hiccups (may be relieved by heat & aggravated by cold), Epigastric discomfort, T: White moist coat P: Slow
Ab pain - Cold Accum Ren12, S36, Ren8, Sp4 Sudden onset of violent ab pain (responds to warmth, worse w/ cold), Loose stool, No thirst, Clear, profuse urine, Cold limbs, T: TWC P: Deep tense OR deep slow
Ab pain - Hypoactive Sp yang Ren12, S36, B20, B21, Lv13 Intermittent dull ab pain (maybe relieved by warmth or pressure, maybe aggravated by cold, hunger, fatigue), Lassitude, Aversion to cold, T:TWC, P: Deep, thready
Ab pain - Food stag Ren12, S36, Ren6, S25, Inner neiting Epigastric & ab pain (worse w/ pressure), Anorexia, Foul belch, sour regurgiation OR ab pain with diarrhea, better after BM, T: Sticky coat P: Rolling
Acute diarrhea - cold damp S25, S36, Ren12 moxa, Ren 6 moxa Watery diarrhea, Ab pain & borborygmus, Chilliness that responds to warmth, No thirst, T: Pale, white coat P: Deep, slow
Acute diarrhea - damp heat S25, S36, S44, Sp9 Diarrhea w/ ab pain, yellow, hot, fetid stools, burning sensation in anus, scanty urine, maybe general feverish feeling, thirst, T: Yellow sticky coat P: Rolling, rapid
Acute diarrhea - food stag S25, S36, Inner neiting Ab pain relieved after bowel movements, Borborygmi, Diarrhea w/ fetid stools, Epigastric & ab fullness/distention, Belch, Anorexia, T: Thick filthy coat P: Rolling, rapid or deep, string-taut
Chronic diarrhea - Sp xu Ren12, S36, B20, Lv13, Sp3 Loose stool w/ undigested food, Anorexia, Epigastric distress after eating, Sallow complexion, Lassitude, T: Pale, white coat P: Thready, forceless
Chronic diarrhea - Kd xu S36, B20, K3, B23, Du4, Ren4 Pain below umbilicus, Borborygmi & diarrhea (usually at dawn)(relieved after bowel movements & aggravated by cold), ab distention sometimes, cold lower extremities T: Pale, white coat P: Deep forceless
Dysentery - Damp heat S25, S37, LI11, LI4 Ab pain, Pus & blood in stool, Burning sensation of anus, Scanty yellow urine, OR chills, fever, restlessness, thirst, yellow, sticky coat, rolling rapid or soft rapid pulse
Dysentery - Tenesmus Add B29 Dysentery w/ tenesmus
Dysentery - Fever Add Du14 Dysentery w/ fever
Dysentery - Cold damp S25, S37, Ren12 moxa, Ren6 moxa, Sp9 Difficult defecation, white mucus in stools, preference for warmth & aversion to cold, mostly w/ fullness in chest & epigastrium, lingering ab pain, tastelessness in mouth, no thirst, T: white sticky coat P: Deep, slow
Food Resistant Dysentery S25, S37, Ren12, P6 Frequent stools w/ blood & pus, Total loss of app, Nausea, Vomit, T: Yellow sticky coat P: Soft, rapid
Ab distention - XS heat in St (Excess condition) S25, S37, Ren12, S36, LI4, Ren6, Sp9 Persistent distention & fullness of abdomen (worse w/ pressure), ab pain, belch, foul breath, dark yellow urine, constipation, sometimes fever, vomit, T: Yellow thick coat P: Rolling, rapid, forceful
Ab distention S25, S37, Ren12, S36 General ab distention
Ab distention - Qi xu of Sp/St (Deficiency Condition) S25, S37, Ren12, S36, Ren4, Sp3 Ab distention relieved by pressure, Borborygmi, Loose stools, Loss of appetite, Lassitude, Listlessness, Clear urine T: Pale, white coat P: Forceless
Hiccup Ren12, P6, S36, B17 General hiccup
Yang Jaundice Sp9, S36, B18, B19, Du9, Lv3, G34 Lustrous yellow skin & sclera, Fever, Thirst, Scanty dark yellow urine, Heavy body, Fullness in abdomen, Stuffy chest, Nausea, T: Yellow, sticky coat P: String-taut rapid
Yin jaundice Sp9, S36, B18, B19, B20 moxa, B48, Du9 Sallow skin, Heavy body, Weak, Loss of appetite, Epigastric stuffiness, Lassitude, Aversion to cold, No thirst, T: Pale, thick white coat P: Deep, slow
Constipation - Heat Accumulation B25, S25, SJ6, K6, LI11, LI4 Infrequent & difficult defecation every 3 - 5 days or longer, Fever, dire thirst, foul breath,T: Yellow, dry coat P: Rolling, forceful
Constipation - Qi Stag B25, S25, SJ6, K6, Ren12, Lv3 Infrequent & difficult defecation every 3 - 5 days or longer, Fullness & distending pain in abdomen & hypochondrium, frequent belching, loss of app, T: Thin sticky coat P: String-taut
Constipation - Qi or blood xu B25, S25, SJ6, K6, B20, B21, S36 Constipation, pale & lusterless complexion, lips & nails, dizziness & palpitations, lassitude, shortness of breath, T: Pale with thin coat P: Thready, weak
Constipation - Agglomeration of cold B25, S25, SJ6, K6, Ren8 moxa, Ren6 moxa Pain & cold sensation in abdomen, preference for warmth, aversion to cold, T: Pale, white moist coat P: Deep, slow
Prolapse of Rectum Du20, B25, Du1, S36 Distending & dragging sensation of rectum during defecation and returning to normal after BM. Likely of slow onset.
Intermittent Dysentery S25, S37, B20, B21, Ren4, S36 Dysentery occurring off & on, Difficult to cure, Lassitude, Aversion to cold, Somnolence, Anorexia, T: Pale, sticky coat P: Soft
Dysentery with prolapse of rectum Add Du20 moxa, Du1 Dysentery with prolapse of rectum
Epigastric Pain - Food Stag Ren11, P6, S36, Inner Neiting Distending pain in epigastrium - worse w/pressure & after meals, Stinky belches, Anorexia, T: Thick sticky coat P: Deep forceful or rolling
Created by: c-rex