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Internal Medicine B

Epigastric Pain

PatternmanifestationTongue/PulseTx Points Herbal Prescription
Full: Retention of Food dull epig pain worse in pressure, feel distend & full, belching, sour regurg, foul breath, vomit undig food, epig pain releive by vomit, loose stool or const T: Thick-sticky coating in the center & root, which could be white or yellowP: Slippery Reduce: REN13, REN10, ST21, ST20, ST25, ST44, ST45, SP4+PC6 -Bao He Wan
Full: Liver Qi invading St epig distend & pain radiating toward right & left hypoch, belching, sighing, irri, uncomf feel of hunger, pain come in bouts clear relate to emotion tense T: normal body color or sli red sides P: wiry, might be wiry on the left side Reduce: LIV14, PC6, ST21, REN12, ST36, GB34 W/ REN12 = effect epig -CHAI HU SHU GAN TANG-XIAO YAN SAN = underlying def Qi & bl
Full: St-Heat Burning epig pain, thirst, irrit, sour regurg T: dry yellow t/c, body is red if heat or canb normal P: Sli rapid, sli overflow in R.M. position Reduce: ST21, ST44 -Bai Hu Tang
Full: St-Fire burning epig pain, thirst w/ desire to drink cold water, dry mouth, severe irrit, bleeding gums, vomit blood ,red face, constip T: red or dark red body, yellow dry t/c P: Rapid, deep full Reduce: ST44, 45, 21, BL21, SP6, REN13 -Xie Xin Tang (no bleeding) -Qing Wei San (bleeding)
Full: St-Phlegm Fire burning epig pain, thirst w/ desire to drink cold water, dry mouth, severe irrit, bleeding gums, vomit, oppres in epig, dry mouth no desire to drink, mucus in stool, nausea, vomiting, mental restless, maniac T: red w/ very sticky or yellow P: Slippery, Rapid, overflow Reduce except Ren12: ST21, ST40, ST44, REN12, REN13, PC5, PC7, DU24, GB13 -Wen Dan Tang
Full: Dampness In St-Sp feel oppres in chest, dull epig pain, dry mouth no desire to drink, sticky taste nausea, vomit, mayb front H/A T: sticky t/cP: Slippery Reduce excp REN12, BL12: REN10, REN9, REN12, ST21, SP9, SP6. BL20 BL21 -Ping wei San Var-Xiang Sha Ping Wei San
Full: Damp heat in the St & Sp feel oppres in chest, dull epig pain, dry mouth no desire to drink, bitter taste, sticky taste, nuasea vomitting, mayb front H/A T: red w/ sticky yellow t/cP: slippery, rapid Reduce excp REN12, BL20: REN10, REN9, REN12, ST21, ST8, SP9, SP6, BL20, BL21, LI4 -Lian Po Yin
Full: St & LIV heat burn epig pain, irri, propen to outburst of anger, sour regurg, dry mouth thirst, biiter taste T: red, redder on side, yellow t/cP: wiry, rapid Reduce: LIV14, LIV2, ST21, ST44, GB34, GB13, DU24 -Hoa Gan Jian & Zuo Jin Wan
Full: Stasis of Bl in St stab epig pain worse w/ pressuer & after eating, palpable masses in epig, vomit dark bl sometime like coffee, dark complex, pain worse at night, blood in stool T: Purple, possible only in Center: Choppy, wiry or Firm Reduce: REN10, ST22, ST34, SP10, SP4, BL17, BL18 -Hou Luo Xiao Ling Dan-Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang (below diaphragm)
Full: Phlegm Fluid in St epig fullness, disten, nausea, vomit of watery & frothy fluid, dry tongue & mouth w/o desire to drink, splashing sound in st. feel full of chest, loose stool, loss weight, lethargy, dizzy, dull front h/a T: swollen w/ sticky coatP: deep slippery EVEN excp REN12, ST36, BL20: -Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang
Empty: St & Sp def & Cold Dull epig pain w/ improve w/ pressure after eating & w/ the application of heat, vomiting of thin fluid, tiredness & poor appetite, chill, loose stool, pale complex T: pale, white t/c P: deep, weak Moxa, REIF: REN12, REN6, ST36, BL20, BL21 -Huang Qi Jian Zhon Tang
Empty: St Yin Def dull, epig pain, dry mouth desire to sip liquid, dry throat, dry stool, sli nausea, feel heat, night sweating T: normal color, dry no coating, scatter crack at center, wide st-type crack P: thready rapid in R.M. position Reif: REN12, ST36, SP6 -Yi Wei Tang
Full: Cold invade St acute, severe epig pain w/ sudden onset, chill, desire for warmth on st area, no thirst, want warm drink, pain not good for pressure, nausea, vomiting T: thick white coating, P: Full, tight, slow Moxa: ST21, ST34SP4, REN13 -SHENG JIANG HONG TANG TANG -Hou Xiang Zheng Qi San: for dampness, nausea, vomiting
Created by: djraspberry