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PN Cert Ch.4

Precision Nutrition Vocab

basal metabolic rate level of energy required to sustain the body's vital functions in the waking state
resting metabolic rate level of energy required to sustain the body's vital functions at rest
thermic effect of feeding metabolic response to the digestion of food and the uptake of nutrients in the blood
NEAT non exercise activity thermogenesis; spontaneous physical activity such as fidgeting
respirator quotient ratio of the volume of CO2 expired to the volume of O2 consumed in a given period of time, indicative of the subtrates being used.
fast twitch muscle fibers muscle fibers, characterized by fewer mitochondria and capillaries, which contract quickly and with relatively more force, yet fatigue more quickly than slow twitch
slow twitch muscle fibers muscle fibers, rich in mitochondria and dense with capillaries, which are able to repeatedly contract for extended periods of time
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
amenorrhea abnormal suppression or absence of menstruation
thyroid hormone one of a group of metabolically active hormones stored in the thyroid gland
electrolyte compound that when placed in solution becomes an ion; regulates flow in and out of cells
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