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Ren Channel Function

Ren Channel Points 2

Ren 1 Ghost Pt Reg. ant & post yin Drains Damp Heat calms the spirit promotes resuscitation & revives from drowning
Ren 2 Benefits Urination Reg. the lower jiao warms & invigorates the kidneys
Ren 3 Front Mu of BL - Benefits the BL Reg. Qi transformation Drains Damp Heat Drains Damp & Tx Leukorrhea Benefits uterus & reg menstruation Dispels Stag. & benefits low jiao Fortifies KI
Ren 4 Front Mu of SI Fortifies original qi & benefits ess. Tonifies & nourishes KI warms & fortifies SP Benefits the uterus& asst conception Reg. low jiao & benefits BL Reg SI qi restores collapse
Ren 5 Front Mu of SJ moves & benefits water passages regulates qi & alleviates pain regulates the uterus
Ren 6 Sea of Qi Fosters original qi tonifies qi tonifies KI & fortifies yang rescues collapse of yang regulates qi & harmonizes blood
Ren 7 Meeting Pt of conception & penetrating vessels of KI Regulates menstruation benefits lower abs & genital region
Ren 8 Warms the yang & rescues collapse warms & harmonizes the intestines
Ren 9 Reg the water passages & tx edema Harmonizes the intestines & dispels accumulation
Ren 10 Meeting pt of conception vessel w/SP Harmonizes the ST & reg. Qi Dispels food stagnation
Ren 11 Harmonizes the middle jiao & Reg qi
Ren 12 Front Mu of ST, Hui meeting of Fu Meeting pt of SI, SJ, ST Harmonizes the middle jiao & descends rebellion Tonifies the ST & fortifies the SP Reg. Qi & alleviates pain
Ren 13 Meeting pt w/ ST & SI Harmonizes the ST & Reg Qi Descends Rebellion & alleviates vomiting Reg. the Heart
Ren 14 Front Mu of HT Reg. HT & alleviates pain Descends Lung Qi & unbinds the chest Transforms phlegm & calms spirit Harmonizes the ST & descends rebellion
Ren 15 Luo Reg. the HT & calms the spirit Descends Lung Qi & unbinds the chest
Ren 16 unbinds the chest reg. the stomach & descends rebellion
Ren 17 Front Mu of PC, Hui of Qi, Pt of Sea of Qi Meeting pt w/ SP, KI, SI, SJ Reg Qi & unbinds chest Descends rebellion of LU & ST Benefits gathering Qi Benefits the breasts & promotes lactation
Ren 18 Ren 19 Ren 20 unbinds the chest regulates & descends qi
Ren 21 Descends St Qi & dispels food accumulation Unbinds the chest & descends LU qi benefits the throat
Ren 22 descends rebellious qi & dispels food accumulation unbinds the chest & descends LU qi benefits the HT
Ren 23 Benefits the tongue Descends Qi Alleviates cough
Ren 24 Extinguish wind Benefits the face Regulates the Ren
Created by: nicoleinsd2