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Sinama Language data gathered while doing linguistic studies.

makasiguru certain
Tasabay entangle
dangan one person
ugat veins
bˈnnodan muscle cramps
kappa hatchet/axe
panˈdta chop
Atalut sure shot
niˈmmunan fever
aninduk to bite/latch on of fish
Angalemus beg
amapaˈ chew
ngeloˈ gums
Lannang Chinese
alegpong Missing tooth
abiyas Vulgar/Crude
Kabˈnnalan guilty
kuhut pick for finding lice
banog ship with sails
kasuddahan character
tˈbbahan stranded things on shore
asaplag spread over wide area
takot location where ocean drops off
bubu fish trap
angahellaˈ pull
sˈppu to take after
asussi holy
abanos plenty
Alopas lost
papinda changed, switched
pinˈssi catch with hook and line
kadjang shade/roof on boat
Magtaˈiti Magtaˈiti kami.
jaman time
amullaw rinse off
alapis lose (of business)
agpang gate
urul follow
umbul number
tungguˈ babysit
sēk shark dorsal fin
Makaˈaseˈ-aseˈ to be pitied
Gōm-gōm In comparison to
apaˈit bitter
damuli Sai-sai damuli patuwaˈ, iya angandaˈug.
abinasa be worn out, be beat up or punished.
tuku support, uphold
ayuwan son or daughter-in-law
alengog cause trouble
ajukup complete
atalus finished
Alanit fish poison
apˈddon capable of staying underwater.
pahaslag to grow
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