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Herbs II- Week 1

Herbs That Drain Damp

Sweet, bland, and neutral Heart, Spleen, Kidney, Lung, Urinary Bladder 1. Promotes urination and eliminates dampness 2. Strengthens the spleen and harmonizes the middle jiao 3. Calms the shen Fu Ling (Sclerotium Poria Cocos aka Poria)
Sweet, bland, and slightly cool Kidney, Urinary Bladder Promotes diuresis and permeates dampness Zhu Ling (Sclerotium Polyporus Umbellati)
Sweet, bland, COLD! Kidney, Urinary bladder 1. Promotes diuresis and relieves edema 2. Drains Kidney fire Contraindications: Vaginal discharge Kidney Yang deficiency Ze Xie (Rhizoma Alismatis aka Water Plantain)
Sweet, bland, and slightly cold Lung, Spleen, Stomach, Kidney 1. Promotes diuresis, eliminates dampness, and strengthens the spleen 2. Dispels wind-dampness from the channels and relieves pain 3. Clears heat, expels pus, and resolves abscess Yi Yi Ren (Semen Coicis aka Job's tears seed)
Sweet and COLD Urinary Bladder, Kidney, Liver, Lung 1. Promotes diuresis, clears damp-heat 2. Clears liver channel heat and benefits the eyes 3. Clears lung heat and expels phlegm (When decocting this herb it should be wrapped in gauze.) Che Qian Zi (Semen Plantaginis aka Plantago Seed)
The dry-fried form is used to promote diuresis and the wine fried form for treating Kidney deficiency. Use the unprepared form for phlegm-heat. Che Qian Zi (Semen Plantaginis aka Plantago Seed)
Sweet, bland, and cold Stomach, Urinary Bladder 1. Promotes diuresis and drains damp-heat from the bladder 2. Clears summer heat Contraindicated for PREGNANCY!!?? 3. Absorbs dampness from the skin. Hua Shi Fen (Talcum aka Soapstone)
BITTER & COLD Heart, Small Intestine, Urinary Bladder 1. Promotes diuresis and clears damp-heat 2. Clears Heart fire 3. Promotes lactation 4. Unblocks the channels and activates blood Contraindicated in PREGNANCY Mu (Mooo) Tong (Caulis Akebiae aka Akebia)
(I don't think he covered this in class.) Sweet, bland, slightly cold Heart, Lung, Small Intestine 1. Promotes diuresis 2. Clears heat from the heart Dang Xin Cao (Medulla Junci aka Rush Pith)
BITTER, COLD Heart, Small Intestine, Urinary Bladder (and still "Lubes the tubes!": 1. Promotes urination, drains damp-heat, relieves urinary strangury. 2. Invigorates blood circulation, promotes menstruation. 3. Lubricates the intestines Qu Mai (Herba Dianthi aka Dianthus)
Indications. Painful urinary dysfunction with bloody, scanty urine due to damp-heat in the lower burner. Amenorrhea due to blood stagnation. Qu Mai (Herba Dianthi aka Dianthus)
Contraindications: Pregnancy and cases with SP and KD deficiency Qu Mai (Herba Dianthi aka Dianthus)
Bitter, slightly cold Urinary bladder ONLY!! 1. Promotes diuresis and clears from urinary bladder 2. Kills parasites, stops itching. Bian Xu (Polygoni Avicularis aka Half Edged Leaf or Common Knotgrass)
Bitter, sweet, slightly cold Lung Urinary Bladder 1. Promotes diuresis and clears damp-heat from Urinary Bladder 2. Clears heat and stops bleeding 3. Clears heat from the lungs, expels phlegm, and stops cough Shi Wei (Folium Pyrrosiae aka Pyrrosia Leaf)
Besides Fu Ling, which of our Week 1 DD herbs also strengthens the Spleen? The Coicis seeds: Yi Yi Ren
Which of the DD herbs also "lubes the tubes" even though it is Bitter&Cold and its entry meridians are HT-SI UB The herba Dianthus aka Qu Mai!
Two for Heart Fire: One is BC goes to HT-SI-UB (and also promotes lactation) while the other one is "slighly" cold, sweet and bland (goes to HT-SI and LU!). Mu Tong (the dreaded Caulis Akebiae) and Deng Xin Cao (aka Medulla Junci!)
Which two of our Week 1 DD batch helps cough (expels heat phlegm fm lung)? Shi Wei (Herba Pyrosia) and Che Qian Zi (Semen Plantaginis)
Which of these Drain Damp herbs clears Liver heat and so benefits the eyes? Semen Plantaginis!! Che Qian Zi
Created by: mrbarr