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Music Buisness

Understanding music buisness and marketing.

What is the job of a music publisher? Preparing issuing materials for distribution (or sale)
When did publishing evolve? 15th century
When did music publishing become a seperate entity? 19th century
Name four out of seven users. 1.Record Companies 2.Artists 3.Producers 4.Broadcasters 5.Film Producers 6.Advertising Agencies 7.Software Developers
True Or False? Mp's share in the copyright. True.
What does HFA stand for? Harry Fox Agency.
Name The Four Ways Mp's make money. 1.Public performance 2.Mechanical Rights 3.Print Music 4.Synchronozation Income
This person issues liscences, collects money, amd pays writers and co-publishers for the publishing company. Administrative Staff
This Person Travels to get songs recorded and played for the users. Song Plugger
This person delvelopes writers and creates artisits for publishing houses. Creative staff.
Name the four umbrella record labels. 1.Sony BMG 2.Universal 3.EMI 4.Warner
What does EMI stand for? Electric Music Industry
What is an imprint deal? When a indie label becomes a major label buys in to the indie company 50 percent.
What is a P&D Deal? The Indie label is responsible for signing, rcording,developing, and delevering the final master to the major label. The major label then manufactures the Cd's through its own networks.
What is a tester deal? Similar to a P&D, only differing in distributing in leves from local to regional to national to world wide.
What is a fullfillment deal? The idie label is not allowed to use the major labels distribution connections.
Why do indie labels need major labels? Financial backing and Distribution.
Why do Major labels need indie labels Artist developement.
Created by: Jcasalan
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