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Herbal I Test 2

Pharmacopia 1 test 2: Questions

Test 2 QuestionAnswer
Huang Qin clears heat and dries dampness in all three of the burners. In which is it especially effective? The Upper Warmer
The Upper Warmer is associated with which channel? LU
The Middle Warmer is associated primarily with which channel? ST
The Lower Warmer is associated primarily with which channel? LI
Which symptoms does Huang Qin treat when it enters the GB channel? Hyper LV-Yang, Damp-Heat, Jaundice
Huang Qin is combined with which herb to treat chronic LU-Heat cough? Zhi Mu
What is one of the main indications for Huang Qin's use for gynocological symptoms? Calms the fetus
With which two herbs is Huang Qin combined to calm the fetus? Bai Zhu and Dang Gui
Name "San Huang", a.k.a. "The Three Yellows" Huang Bai, Huang Qin, Da Huang, Huang Lian
Why is Huang Lian named "The Yellow Links"? It helps to link HT and KD
Huang Lian stops bleeding (e.g., nosebleeds, blood in stool, urine, or vomit) due to what? Reckless movement of hot blood
Which condition does Huang Lian treat in the Upper Warmer? HT-Fire
Which condition does Huang Lian treat in the Middle Warmer? ST-Fire
Which condition does Huang Lian treat in the Lower Warmer? Dysenteric Disorder
Huang Lian, a cold medicinal, is combined with what hot medicinal to re-establish communication between HT and KD? Rou Gui
Which of the Three Yellows acts most strongly to drain damp in the Lower Burner? Huang Bai
What kind of fire does Huang Bai drain? KD-Fire
What kind of heat does Long Dan Cao treat? Damp-Heat
Which parts of which channel does Long Dan Cao treat? It treats the entire length of the GB channel: Upper, Middle, and Lower
List the specific areas of the GB channel that Long Dan Cao treats. Eyes and ears, flanks and genitals, pain and spasms along the entire GB channel
With what is Long Dan Cao combined to treat swollen red eyes? Huang Qin
With what is Long Dan Cao combined to treat jaundice? Yin Chen Hao
With what is Long Dan Cao combined to treat Damp-Heat vaginal discharge? Huang Bai
What does Ku Shen mean in English? Bitter Root
With what is Ku Shen combined to treat Damp-Heat itching? Di Fu Zi
With which 4 medicinals does Qin Pi treat dysentary? Bai Tou Weng, Huang Bai, Ku Shen, Ma Chi Xian
For which 3 conditions does Hu Huang Lian clear heat? Childhood nutritional impairment, yin deficiency, Damp-Heat dysentary
Which 3 conditions does Jin Yin Hua treat? Fire toxins, Damp-Heat in the Lower Burner, Wind-Heat
With what is Jin Yin Hua combined to treat fire toxins? Lian Qiao
Jin Yin Hua is combined with what herb to treat Damp-Heat bloody dysentary? Bai Tou Weng
For what 3 symptoms is Jin Yin Hua used to treat fire toxins? Intestinal abcess, breast abcess, hot swellings in throat and eyes
Which herb, used to clear Wind-Damp heat from the channels, is the stem from the same plant as Jin Yin Hua? Ren Dong Teng
What is the main action of Lian Qiao? Dissipates nodules, especially in the neck
List 8 herbs with which Lian Qiao can be combined with to dissipate nodules, especially in the neck area. Bei Ban Lan Gen, Da Qing Ye, Xia Ku Cao, Xuan Shen, Bei Mu, Hai Zao, Mu Li, Kun Bu
Da Qing Ye treats what condition anywhere in the body? Fire toxins
Da Qing Ye has a special tropism for what area of the body? Throat
Name the 4 medicinals that have a tropism for the throat. Da Qing Ye, She Gan, Shan Dou Gen, Ma Bo
In modern China, Bei Ban Lan Gen is used to treat what? A wide range of viral infections
Bei Ban Lan Gen is combined with which other herb to treat hepatitis and jaundice? Yin Chen Hao
With which 6 medicinals is Pu Gong Ying combined to treat breast disorders? Lou Lu, Dong Kui Zi, Wang Bu Liu Xing, Mu Tong, Zi Hua Di Ding, Tong Cao
With which 5 medicinals is Pu Gong Ying combined to treat eye disorders? Ju Ming Zi, Xia Ku Cao, Qing Xiang Zi, Mi Meng Hua, Mu Zei
Where does Zi Hua Di Ding especially treat fire toxins? Wei level
Ye Ju Hua and Ju Hua both treat what? Wind-Heat
How does Ye Ju Hua differ from Ju Hua? Treats fire toxins and does not treat Yin Deficiency or LV/KD heat symptoms
List the group of 5 herbs that treats fire toxins and moves blood. Zi Bei Tian Kui, Bai Jiang Cao, Ban Zhi Lian, Tu Niu Xi, Hong Teng
Name the three main symptoms that Bai Jiang Cao treats. Intestinal abscess, internal heat-induced blood stasis in the chest or abdomen, fire toxins on the skin
What is Yu Xing Cao often called? "Fishing Smelling Herb"
Which channels does Yu Xing Cao enter? LU, LI
Name 3 symptoms that Yu Xing Cao treats. Painful urinary dysfunction, Damp-Heat diarrhea, lung abcess
With which 4 medicinals is Yu Xing Cao combined to treat pneumonia? Shi Gao, Ma Huang, Xing Ren, Lu Gen
What is Hai Jin Sha called? "Sea Gold Sand"
Jin Sha Teng and the spores of Hai Jin Sha are used to treat what? Kidney stones
Chuan Xin Lian clears heat and relieves fire toxicity in which 3 channels? LU, LI, BL
Chuan Xin Lian clears heat and relieves fire toxicity in which 2 areas of the body? Skin and throat
How does Bai Hua She She Cao clear heat and resolve dampness? Promotes urination
With which 5 medicinals is Bai Tou Weng combined to treat dysenteric disorders? Ya Dan Zi, Qin Pi, Ma Chi Xian, Huang Bai, Huang Lian
What disorders is Ya Dan Zi important in treating? Chronic cold stagnation dysenteric disorders that wax and wane with alternating hard and soft stools, especially with protozoan involvement
In which parts of the body does Hong Teng clear heat, relieve toxicity, and stop pain? LI and Skin
What does Hong Teng do as a vine (teng)? Invigorates blood in the channels to treat joint pain
Bai Xian Pi clears heat and relieves toxicity, and dries dampness in skin sores characterized by what? A lot of pus or leaking yellow fluid
List 3 functions of Tu Fu Ling. What is the temperature associated with Tu Fu Ling? 1)Relieves toxicity 2)Eliminates dampness and turbidity:painful urination, jaundice, Bi 3)Eliminates Damp-Heat skin lesions. It is neutral
Ban Zhi Lian clears heat and relieves toxicity. It also belongs to a group of medicinals that does what? Moves blood
In what area of the body does Ma Bo especially relieve fire toxins Throat
What is a main action of Ma Bo? Stops bleeding in the oral cavity
What 2 symptoms does Shan Dou gen best treat? Swelling and pain in the throat
In what 2 ways can She Gan best be used? Swollen painful throat, phlegm obstruction in the throat and lungs
In what 2 areas of the body does Tu Niu Xi clear heat and relieve fire toxins? Throat and skin
Tu Niu Xi moves blood especially in relation to what 2 conditions? Dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea
What are the 3 primary functions of He Ye? Treats summerheat, raises SP-Yang to treat diarrhea, stops bleeding due to heat and stagnation
What is He Ye's strength? Relieves diarrhea
What is Lu Dou's strength? Relieves thirst
What is Xi Gua's strength? Relieves thirst and scanty urine
What is Bai Bian Dou's strength? Treats diarrhea and vomiting
What are 4 functions of Qing Hao? Clears summerheat, clears deficiency fevers, cools blood and stops bleeding, treats malarial disorders with alternating fever and chills
Da Huang and Mang Xiao both do what? Purge the LI
How does Mang Xiao differ from Da Huang? Clears heat and softens hardness
How does Yu Li Ren differ from Ho Ma Ren? Is stronger in action, promotes urination, is used for excessive disorders
Which herb is the most moderate of the Harsh Expellants? Qian Niu Zi
For what disorders is Qian Niu Zi used? Parasites and food stagnation
What are the properites of most purgatives? Bitter and cold
What conditions are most purgatives used to treat? Interior conditions: either interior heat or interior cold, depending on what they're combined with
List the 5 main functions of Da Huang. 1)Drains heat from yangming stage fever and purges accumulations 2)drain Damp-Heat via the stool and urine 3)drains heat in the blood 4)invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis 5)clears heat and fire toxins at the ying/blood and Wei/surface levels
With which 2 herbs is Da Huang combined to treat jaundice? Yin Chen Hao and Zhi Zi
What will cooking Da Huang more than 10 minutes do? Reduce its effect as a purgative
Mang Xiao is generally dissolved in what? A strained decoction
Fan Xie Ye drains downward and guides out stagnation for what condition? Heat accumulation in the intestines
Lu Hui is often used for what? Chronic constipation
Lu Hui clears heat and cools what? LV
Huo Ma Ren does what? Mildly tonifies yin
For what condtions is Yu Li Ren contraindicated? Cases of yin deficiency
What 4 things does Qian Niu Zi drive out? Phlegm, parasites, water, constipated stool
What does Gan Sui do? Drives out fluids from the chest and abdomen
Name 3 cathartics that are not generally used in the long term. Gan Sui, Da Ji, Yuan Hua
What is Ba Dou said to do? "Chop through the gate and force open the door"
For what 5 conditions is Ba Dou used? Warmly unblock and purge, drive out edema, burst clogged phlegm, disorientation, phagadena (sloughing ulcers)
What is the dosage for Envoys (guides)? 3 grams
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