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swahli 101

Naam Yes
Hapana No
Ninaelewa I understand
Sinaelewi I don't understand
Nimechoka I am tire
Mimi ni mgonjwa I am sick
Rudia tafadhali Repeat yourself please
Sema pole pole tafadhali Speak slowly please
Wasemaje_____kwa kiswahili? How do you say_____ in swahili?
Nina Swali. I have a question.
Samahani Cut
Nasikia joto I am hot or I feel hot
Nasikia baridi I am cold
Nasikia njaa I am hungry
Nasikia kiu I am thristy
Tarehe Date
Mwezi Month
Pia Also
Mkoa wa Province of
Wilaya wa County of
Kijiji cha Village
Mwanafunzi Student
Masomo Studies
Soma Read or study
Jifunza learn or study
Mimi I
Wewe You
Yeye She/He
Sisi We
Ninyi You all or Y'all
Wao They
Penda Love or Like
Kuwa Be
Taka Want
Cheza Plya
Ishi Live
Piga mswaki Brush teeth
Piga Simu Call on the phone
Kuwa Be
Kuwa na Have
Taka Want
Andika Write
Ondoka Leave
Nunua Buy
Elewa or Fahamu Understand
Kumbuka Remember
Tazama Watch
Hitaji Need
Pika Cook
Pata Get
pita Pass
Fariki Die
Enda or Kwenda To go
Ja Come
Jua Know
Kaa Stay
Ona See
Rudi Return
Sema To say or speak
Toka Come from or come out
Sahau Forget
Cheka to laugh
Safiri Travel
Nywa Drink
Imba Sing
Tembelea or Zuru Visit
Weza be able to
Vaa Wear
Fanya do/make
Jibu Answer
Uliza Ask
Cheza play
Oga mwili Bathe
Swali Question
Nyumba House
Wengi Many
Pesa Money
Mfano Example
Nyumbani at home
Darasani In class or in the classroom
Maktaba Libray
Watalii Tourists
Kanisani At church
Sokoni at the market
Dukani at the store/shop
Mtoto Child
Mbwa Dog
Mfupa Bone
Papase Pat
Jana Yesterday
Leo Today
Kesho Tomorrow
Vizuri Well
Taifa Nationality
Au or
Tarajia Expect
Hitimu Graduate
Kwisha to finish
Created by: jama.18