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Herb test 2

Herb test 2 - K.EWC

What are the Properties and Flavor of Jua Hua? Sweet, Bitter, Cold
What Channels does Jua Hua enter? Lung and Liver, LOUIE, LOUIE, oh baby, it goes to the LUNG and LIVER
What are the Actions of Jua Hua? Disperse Wind-Heat, Clear liver fire-brighten eyes, Restrain the Liver Yang, Clear heat and reduce toxin,
What are the actions of Man Jing Zi? Disperse Wind-Heat,Clears the head and eyes
What are the actions of Dan Dou Chi? Release the exterior,Reduce irritability, Expel stagnated heat
What are the Properties and flavors of Ge Gen? Sweet, Acrid, Cold
What channles does Ge Gen enter? Spleen and Stomach, Holding in the Earth (Spleen & Stomach)
What are the actions of Ge Gen? clears heat and Release the muscles ,Promote eruption, generate fluid to stop thirst, Raise Yang Qi to stop diarrhea.
What are the Properties and flavors of Chai Hu? Bitter, Acrid, Cool
What channels does Chai Hu enter? Liver, Gall Bladder, San Jiao, Pericardium, Great Bear Lifts his Jiao up on the Perch
What are the actions of Chai Hu? Release the exterior and reduce fever,Soothe the liver to relive depression, Raise Yang Qi
What is Chai Hu good for? 1. Chai hu is good for relieving fever of alternating chills and fever due to Pathogens remaining in the Shao Yang Level.2. Chai Hu is good at soothing the liver to relieve stagnation. It guides other herbs to sooth the liver.
Chai Hu is a very important herb, Why? It is very portant herb to treat liver Qi stagnation. It may be used for all kinds of pain in the hyperchondrium due to either Liver Stagnation or Trauma.
How does Chai Hu handle prolaspe? Chai Hu has the property of Raising and Floating. It is used for prolaspe of the rectum due to chronic diarrhea, Prolaspe of the uterus all caused by QI collaspe due to Qi deficiency.
What are the cautions for Chai Hu? Because it Raising and dispersing Chai Hu may consume Liver Yin. It should not be used for the Syndrome of flaring fire due to Yin Deficiency and Adverse Qi.
What are the actions of Sheng Ma? Release the Exterior and promote eruption. Clear heat and reduce toxin,Raise Yang Qi
Sheng Ma is good at? Sheng Ma is good at promoting eruption but, is weak at Releasing eruption. So it is rarely used for Exterior Syndrome but often used for incomplete eruption of measels.
How does Sheng Ma handle prolaspe? It is used for prolasp of rectum after chronic diarrhea and for prolaspe of uterus, both caused by Qi collasp due to Qi deficiency.
What are the classifictions of the 5 herbs that clear heat? 1. CH and reduce fire.2. CH and dry dampness.3. CH and cool blood.4. CH and reduce toxin.5. CH and clear empty heat
What are the Properties and Flavors of Shi Gao? Acrid, Sweet, Very Cold
What channel does Shi Gao enter? Lung and Stomach, LUSTy gypsy.
What are the actions of Shi Gao? Clears heat and purges fire,relives irritabilty and stops thirst,Assist sore healing generates fleshEliminates dampness and stops bleeding.
What is Shi Gao often used for and why? Shi gao is often used for Clearing Excessive heat in the Lung and Stomach. It is used because it is very cold and good at clearing Excessive heat in the Qi Level.
What are the Properties and Flavors of Zhi Mu? Bitter, Sweet and Cold
What channles does Zhi Mu enter? Lung, Stomach, and Kidney, LUSTy KIDs.
What are the Actions of Zhi Mu? Clears heat and purges fire,Nourishes Yin and moistens dryness(clearing and moistining together for LU, ST, KD)
What types of heat can Zi Mu be used for? Both Empty and Excess.
As Zi Mu can clear both Excess and Deficiency heat, when used for Deficiency heat what types herbs is Zi Mu often combine with? Herbs that nourish Yin and generate fluids.
What are the Properties and flavors of Zhi Zi? Bitter and Cold
What Channles does Zhi Zi enter? Heart, Lung, Stomach, Liver and San Jiao, HAil, LoNG LIVe SAiNt STout.
What are the actions of Zhi Zi? Purge fire and Eliminate irritabilityClear heat and Drain Dampness Cool blood and Reduce ToxinCool blood and Stop bleeding
What is Zhi Zi commonly used for? Jaundice caused by damp heat.
What channels does Dan Zhu Ye enter? Heart, Stomach and Small Intestine, HASTy pee.
What are the actions of Dan Zhu Ye? Clears heat, Purges fire, Eliminates irritability, Promotes urination.
What channels does Xia Ku Cao enter. Liver and Gall Bladder, GoodBye Life.
What are the actions of Xia Ku Cao? Clear heat, purge fire, brighten eyes,dispel nodules and reduce swelling.
Why is Xia Ku Cao an important herb? It clears and purges liver fire, so it is used to treat red eyes, headaches, dizznes caused by iver fire flareing up.
What other disease does Xia Ku Cao treat? It treats Scrofula goiter caused by liver stagnation producing liver fire.
what are properties and flavors of Lian Zi Xin? Bitter and Cold
What channels does Lian Zi Xin enter? Heart and Pericardium, Hot Pocket.
What are the actions of Lian Zi Xin? Clears Heart Heat, Calms the Heart Shen
What are the Properties and Flavors of Lu Gen? Sweet and Cold
What are the channels Lu Gen enter? Lung and Stomach, LUsty STew.
What are Lu Gen's Actions? Clears heat and purges firegenerates fluids to releive thirst Eliminates irritabiity, Stops vomiting.
What what channels does Jue Ming Zi enter? Liver Large Intestine and Kidney, Large Kidder.
What are the Actions of Jue Ming Zi? Clears heat and brigheten eyes, Moistens the intestines to promote defication
Why is Jue Ming Zi an important herb? It is used to treat redness, swelling and pain of the eye because it can both dispel wind heat and disperse stagnated liver fire.
What channels does Tian Hua Feng enter? Lung and Stomach, Walrus Stare.
What are Tian Hua Feng's actions? Clears heat and generates fluids,reduce swelling and drains pus
What are the Properties and flavors of Mi Men Hua? Sweet and Sightly Cold
What are the actions of Mi Men Hua? Clears the liver and nourishes the Liver,Brighthens the eyes and removes Nebula.ALSO-used for redness, swelling and pain of eyes
What are the channels that Qing Xiang Zi enters? Liver
What are Qing Xiang Zi's actions? Clears the Liver, Brightens eyes, removes nebula.
What are the actions for Gu Jing Cao? Dispels and disperses wind and heat,Brightens eyes, removes nebula
What are the Properties and Flavors of Shui Niu Jiao? Salty and Cold
What is Shui Niu Jiao actions? Clears heat, cools blood and reduce toxin and eliminates macula
What are the Properties and flavors of Sheng Di Huang? Sweet, bitter and Cold
What channels do Sheng Di Huang enter? Heart, Liver and kidney, Hot Little Car.
What are Sheng Di Huangs actions? Clear heat and cool blood,Nourish Yin and generate Fluid.Used for syndrome of heat entering Yin and blood level.
What are the Properties and flavors of Xuan Shen? Sweet bitter, salty and cold
What are the channels Xuan Shen enters? Lung Stomach and Kidney, Stuck on a Lump.
What are the actions of Xuan Shen? Clear heat, cool blood,Purge fire and reduce toxin,Nourish Yin.
What is Xuan Shen commonly used for? Xuan shen is very common herb for throat condition.
What are the Properties and Flavors of Mu Dan Pi? Acrid, bitter and slightly cold.
What channels does Mu Dan Pi enter? Heart, Liver and Kidney, Hiney Lift.
Mu Dan Pi's action are? Clear Heat and cool blood,Invigorate blood and remove blood stasis.
What are Mu Dan Pi's cautions? Not for Blood Deficiecy with coldness, excess menses and pregency
What are Zi Cao's actions? Clears heat and cools blood,Invigorates blood and reduces toxin,Promotes eruption.
What are Qing Hao's Properties and Flavors? Bitter and Cold, Gabby's Kind of Lite.
What are Qing Hao's Actions? Clear ane penetrate empty heat,Cool the blood and eliminate bone steaming,Reducing summer heat and stop malaria.
What are channels Di Gu Pi enters? Lung, Liver and Kidney, Lucky Life.
What are the actions of Di Gu Pi? Cools the blood, eliminates bone steaming, clear lung and descend fire
What is Di Gu Pi used for? Di Gu Pi is good at eliminating empty heat, especially for fever due to Yin deficiency
What is the actions for Bai Wei? Clears heat and cools blood, benefits urination and removes difficulty of urination,reduce toxin and heal sores.
What kind of heat can Bai Wei be used for? Bai Wei can be used both excessive and deficiency heat. Mostly for deficiency heat.
What are the actions of Yin Chai Hu? Clears empty heat, eliminate malnutrition heat.
What is Yin Chai Hu used for? Yin Chai Hu is used for fever due to Yin deficiency. It is used to reduce empty heat.
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