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Chap 2-6 Networking

Chap 2-6 Networking Class Review Questions

What is an example of software that creates packes for moving data across networks? Internet Protocal
What most often provides the physical connection between the PC and the network? NIC
What enables a computer to send a packet that every other PC on the network will process? The Broadcast address
What can you use to connect two very different networks? A router
Every NIC has a hard-coded identifier called what? MAC Address
What provides an excellent tool for conceptualizing how a network works? OSI 7 layer model
On a sending machine, data gets broken up at what layer of the OSI 7 layer model? Transport layer or layer 4
NIC's encapsulate data into a _________ for sending that data over a network. Frame
A ______ enables multiple machines to connect over a network. Hub
The ________ provides the key interface between the physical and network layers. Data link layer
Which layer of the osi 7 layer model converts the ones and zeroes to electrical signals and places these signals on the cable? Physical layer
The term "unshielded twisted pair" is best decribed by what network component? Cable
What best describes the contents of a typical network frame? Recipient's MAC address, sender's MAC address, data, CRC
23.4F.17.8A.4C.10 is most likely to be what type of address assigned to a NIC? MAC Address
Which layer of the OSI model involves routing? Network layer
How much data can a typical frame contain? 1500 bytes
What best describes an IP address? a dotted decimal notation assigned to a NIC by software
Which layer of the OSI model makes sure the data is in a readable format for the Application layer? Presentation Layer
What enables you to connect a PC via modem to an IP network? router
What handles the initial connection between two computers to verify that the receiving system can handle the network request of the sending system? Session software
What is layer 3 of the osi 7 layer model? Network Layer
What component of Layer 2 of the OSI 7 layer model is responsible for the ordered delivery of frames, including retransmission of missing or corrupt packets? LLC sublayer
Which components work at layer 1 of the osi 7 layer model? cables and hubs
If a sending system does not know the MAC address of the intended recipient system, it sends a broadcast frame with what MAC address? FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
What is a network topology that relies on a main line of network cabling, normally coaxial cable. Bus
The _______________ of a cable will determine its speed. category rating
A ____________ provides more fault tolerance than any other basic network topology. Mesh
When your network has all computers connected to a centrally located wiring closet, you have a physical _____________ network. Star
___________ Networks use more than one type of basic network topology. Hybrid
CAT 5e cable is a type of _____________ wiring. UTP
Coaxial cable uses a braided metal shield to protect data from ________________. EMI or Electro-magnetic interference
Network cabling can use either light or electricity to trasmit data. The faster of the types uses light along what kind of cable? Fiber Optic
_________________-Grade UTP must be installed in ceilings, while ___________-Grade UTP is often used to connect one floor to another vertically in a building. Plenom, PVC
The twisting of the cables in UTP an STP reduces ________________. Crosstalk
What organization is responsible for establishing and promoting the networking standards? IEEE or Institute of Electrical and electronics engineers.
What aspects of network cabling do the IEEE committees establish? frame size, speed, and cable types
What are types of coax cabling that have been used in computer networking? RG8, RG45, RG58
What applications are best suited for fiber-optic cabling? High EMI areas and long distances
What are the main components of fiber optic cabling? cladding, insulating jacket, and fiber
What is the most popular size fiber optic cabling? 62.5/125um
Most fiber-optic installations use LED's to send light signals and are known as what? multimode
Why must the main cable in a bus topology be terminated at both ends? to prevent the signal from bouncing back and forth
Where are you most likely to encounter a mesh network? On wireless networks
Which committee is responsible for wireless networking standards? IEEE 802.11
The _________________ is unique to each individual NIC. Mac Address
When extra "filler" data is needed in a packet, a _____________ is added. Pad
Another name for a packet is a ___________. frame
A NIC that is listening for all packets sent along the wire is said to be in _____________ mode. promiscuous mode
The first item in a data packet is the ________. Preamble
A hub acts as a _____________ in that it copies all incoming signals to every connected port. repeater
Connecting switches incorrectly can create a __________________, which can make the whole network stop working. bridge loop
Hubs can be daisy-chained through their ____________, or the use of a _________________. uplink port, crossover cable
_________________ has a maximum distance between node and hub of 100 meters while _______________ has a maximum distance of 2000 meters. 10BaseT, 10BaseFL
A ___________________ can be used to interconnect different Ethernet types. media converter
What is another term commonly used for frame? packet
How are the connectors wired on a crossover cable? One end is TIA/EIA 568A; the other end is TIA/EIA 568B
What items make up the CSMA/CD system used in Ethernet networks? (3) Carrier sense, Multiple access, and Collision detection
What happens when 2 computers transmit through a hub simultaneously? A collision occurs
What is a group of nodes that hear each other's traffic? Collision domain
Which committee is responsible for Ethernet standards? IEEE 802.3
What type of cabling do modern Ethernet networks use? 10BaseT
What is the purpose of a preamble in an Ethernet frame? It gives the receiving NIC time to realize a frame is coming and to know when the frame starts.
What is a valuable network took that can be used to examine all frames on the network, regardless of their intended recipient? Sniffer
For what purpose is a crimping tool used? To attach a RJ-45 connector to a UTP Cable
What are the limitations of a 10BaseT cable? maximum speed of 10 mbps, maximum of 1024 nodes per hub, minimum CAT 3 or better UTP with RJ45 connectors
What feature of switches prevents the problem of bridge loops? STP
When a network device can both send and receive data at the same time, it is said to be __________. full duplex
________________ has a maximum cable length of 2 km and uses multimode fiber with ST or SC connectors. 100BaseFX
__________________ can use CAT 3 but ______________ must use CAT 5 or better. 100 Base T4, 100 Base TX
802.3z and 802.3ap are both __________________ standards. Gigabit Ethernet
___________________ supports the longest maximum distance for Gigabit Ethernet. 1000BaseLX
The __________ and ___________ IEEE standards support the longest maximum distance for 10-Gigabit Ethernet. 802.3ab, 802.3z
Many fiber experts consider the _____________ to be the predominent fiber connector. local connector
What is the cheapest and most popular 10-GbE media type? 10 GBLR
Routers with __________ can accept a variety of 10-GbE media types. MSA
What is the physical limit for the number of ports on an Ethernet hub? 1024
When a network device can only send data or receive data, but not both at the same time, it is operation in what mode? half duplex
What important backbone technology is also known as gigabit ethernet? 1000BaseT
What are the 2 major UTP variations of fast ethernet? 100BaseTX and 100BaseT4
What are 3 limitations of fast ethernet over UTP? Distance is restricted to 100 meters from node to hub, shielding may be inadequate for some installations, intrusion from outsiders may be possible without detection.
Which standard defines fast ethernet using fiber cabling? 100 Base FX
Name 3 fiber connector types...... LC, MT-RJ, AND ST
What do you need to connect varying 10-GbE cable types to the same router? multisource agreements on the router
Which standard defines gagabit ethernet over UTP copper wire? 802.3ab
You've lost the manual to your router. How can you tell the difference between a 1000BaseT port and a 100BaseT port on a router just by looking? You cannot tell difference. They look exactly the same.
What will happen if you connect a 10BaseT NIC to an auto-sensing switch? The 10BaseT NIC will operate at 10 megabits while connected 100-megabit devices will operate at their full speed of 100 megabits.
What benefit does full-duplex offer? It allows all NIC's on a hub to send signals at the same time without collisions, and it doubles the bandwidth of the network.
What is the difference between the R and W designations in 10GBase standards? For example, 10GBaseLR and 10GBaseLW, or 10GBaseER and 10GBase3EW. The R and W indicate differences in the circuitry, with the W versions used to conect to SONET equipment.
All the cabling from individual work areas runs via ______________ to a central location. Horizonal cabling
The central location that all cabling runs to is called the ______________________. Telecommunications room
A single piece of installed horizontal cabling is called a _____________. Run
The set of standards established by the EIA/TIA regarding network cabling is called _____. 606
You use a ________________to connect a strand of UTP to a 110 blocki or 66 block. punchdown tool
A short UTP cable that uses stranded, rather than solid, cable is called a ___________ and can tolerate much more handling near a patch panel. patch cable
The type of network interface unit (NUI)that enables an ISP or telephone company to determine if a home DSL box or calbe router has been disconnected is called a __________. smartjack
The spot there a cable comes out of the wall at the workstation is called a _______________. cabledrop
THe height measurement known a U is used for devices that fit into a ____________________. Equipment rack
The term _____________ describes the process of a signal weakening as it progressed down a piece of wire. attentuation
What describes the length of cable installed within walls from a telecommunications room out to a jack? Cable drop
What is the tem used to describe where the network hardware and patch panels are kept? Telecommunications room
Aside from outright breakage, what's the primary worry with bending a fiber optic cable to much? Light Leakage
when connecting a cable run onto a patch panel, which tool should be used? 110 punchdown tool
What NIC type offers the most versatility? 10/100/1000
What is the structured cabling name for the end user's office space where network computers will be set up? Work area
What type of twisted-pair cabling would work best within ceilings near lighting? Solid core plenum
Why would network techs use stranded core cabling from a patch panel's ports to a switch? flexibility
What is the first thing a professional cable installer should do when providing an estimate at a site? Request a floor plan
What component would best allow more servers to be installed in the limited space of a telecommunications room? equipment rack
How tall is a network router that is 8U? 14 inches (1.75x8)
What is generated by every piece of UTP cable in existence? crosstalk
The following statement is true about what type of cabling? "The term "demarc" refers to a physical location while the phrase "network interface unit" refers to a piece of equipment provided by an ISP. structured cabling
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