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Stack #42341

basic elbow injuries

InjurySigns and SymptomsTreatmentPrevention
Epicondylitis Inflammation of the muscles attached to the epicondlyes of the Humerus. Medial is associated with throwing activities and golf. Lateral is associated with Tennis and the backhand RICE, NSAIDS, Rest, Theraputic Modalities (Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation), Sling, decrease activity Strengthen Muscles around elbow. Gradual increase in activity
Olecranon Bursitis - Inflammation of the bursae on the posterior elbow Pain, Edema, Point tenderness and Spontaneous Swelling RICE, Cold Compress, Reduce activity Elbow Pad
Elbow Dislocation Swelling, Deformity, Pain and Disability Sling, Ice, Immobilization, Refer to Physician for Reduction Learn to roll
Forearm Fracture - Ulna and/or Radius Fracture Swelling, Pain, Deformity, and False Joint Cold or Ice, sling and splint, Physician visit, x-ray Forearm Pads when applicable
Scaphoid or Navicular Fracure - Falling on an outstretched hand Swelling, Pain on Schaphoid bone or Pain in Anatomical Snuff Box Slint, Ice, Physician Referal, Imobolization for upto 6 weeks, x-ray after 3 weeks Learn to roll
Ganglion Cyst - Localized Swelling on tendon Usually found on wrist or finger after wrist injury. Swelling, Mild Preasure and Slight Discomfort Drawing of fluid, apply preasure pad, surgical removal none
Subungal (Nail bed) Hematoma - Bruising or accumimlation of blood under the finger nail Pain, Lifting of finger nail, Discoloration Ice and release of blood from under nail - If blood is not release, Fingernail will be seperated from nail bed to causing nail to fall off none
Finger Dislocation - Disruption of the Joint a the the MCP, PIP and DIP joints Swelling, Bleeding, Deformity and Pain Reduction, Splinting None
Finger Fractures Pain, Swelling, Point Tenderness, deformity, rapid discoloration and reduction of ROM Splint in Flexion (Natural hand position) or position found, Ice and don't move into extension none
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