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Chapter 7-TCP/IP

Chapter 7 TCP/IP from Networking book

What is a protocol in the TCP/IP suite used with the command line utility of the same name to determine the MAC address that corresponds to a particular IP address? Address resolution protocal
What is a networking feature in an operating system that enables DHCP clients to self configure an ip address and subnet mask automatically when a DHCP server isn’t available? Automatic private IP addressing (APIPA)
What is a component of TCP/IP that allows computers to discover and receive an IP address from a DHCP server prior to booting the OS? Bootstrap protocal (BOOTP)
What is a contiguous chunk of IP addresses passed out by the internet assigned numbers authority (IANA)? Class license
What is the method of categorizing IP addresses in order to distribute them called? (subnetting) Classless inter-domain routing (CIDR)
In a TCP/IP network, the IP address of the router that interconnects the LAN to a wider network (usually the internet) is called what? The Default Gateway
What is created by the DHCP server to allow a system requesting DHCP IP information to use that information for a certain amount of time? DHCP Lease
What is a shorthand method for discussing and configuring binary IP addresses? Dotted Decimal notation
What is a way for a computer to receive IP information automatically from a server program? Dynamic Addressing
What is a protocol that allows a DHCP server to set TCP/IP settings automatically for a DHCP client? Dynamic host configuration protocal (DHCP)
What is the portion of an IP address that defines a specific machine in a subnet? Host ID
What is a command-line utility for Linux servers and workstations that displays the current TCP/IP configuration of the machine, similar to IPCONFIG for windows system? IFCONFIG
What is the organization responsible for assigning public IP addresses? Internet assigned numbers authority (IANA)
What is the protocol in which addresses consist of four sets of numbers, each number being a value between 0 and 255, using a period to separate the numbers? Internet protocol version 4
What is the numeric address of a computer connected to a TCP/IP network, such as the internet called? IP Addressing
What is a command-line utility for windows that displays the current TCP/IP configuration of the machine; similar to unix/Linux’s IFCONFIG? IPCONFIG
What is a reserved IP address used for internet that is sometimes called the local host? Loopback address
What is the method of sending a packet in which the sending computer sends it to a group of interested computers called? Multicast
What is a number used in IP networks to identify the network on which a device or machine exists called? The Network ID
What is an agreement that governs the procedures used to exchange info between cooperating entities called? Protocol
What is the set of protocols that are commonly used together and operate at different levels of the OSI 7 layer model called? Protocol Suite
What is a list of paths to various networks required by routers called? (They can be built either manually or automatically btw) The Routing Table
What is the process of assigning IP addresses by manually typing them into a clients computer called? Static addressing
What is the value used in TCP/IP settings to divide the IP address of a host into its component parts? Subnet mask
What are the 2 component parts of subnet mask? network ID and host ID
What is it called when you take a single class of IP addresses and chop it into mutiple smaller groups? Subnetting
What is it called when you send a message from one computer to one other computer? Unicast
What is the result of converting 11110000.10111001.00001000.01100111 to dotted decimal notation?
What does IANA stand for? Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
What describes IPv4? Uses decimal, not hexadecimal numbers, Uses periods, not colons, as separators ANDUses four octets
What is the result of converting to binary? 11000000.10101000.00000000.00000001
Are and valid IP addresses to assign in a windows based system? NOOOOO
What is the special reserved IP address of called? Loopback address
What is a loopback address primary used for? testing...it is not assigned to computers
Why is the address not a valid IP address to assign in a windows based system? Because it has a 255 as part of its address, which is a reserved number for subnet masks
What class is the IP address Class A
What class is the IP address Class B
What class is the IP address Class C
Which method sends a packet from a single computer to a group of interested computers? Multicast
What is the process used to take a single class of IP addresses and chop it up into multiple smaller groups? PING and subnetting
"Every client on a network shares the same subnet mask" and "A subnet mask consists of a string of ones followed by a string of zeroes." Are these true statements about subnet masks? yes
List the order in which packets are created and sent when a client requests an IP address from a DHCP server? DHCP discovery, DHCP offer, DHCP request, DHCP acknowledge
Is the address a valid classful subnet mask? no
What is an example of a valid classful subnet mask?
Which of the following IP addresses indicates a computer configured for dynamic addressing was unable to locate a DHCP server: or
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