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Tongue body study

Tongue body study K.EWC

The Tongue's body color reflects the state of? The Yin organs and blood
The tongue's coat reflects the state of? The Yang organs as well as Excess or Deficient and Heat or Cold conditions
A pale tongue is? Yang, Blood or Qi deficient
A red tongue indicates? Heat
A tongue absent a coat is always? Yin deficient
A Normal tongue is? Pale red
A pale and wet tongue is? Yang deficient pale = deficient, wet = Yang
A pale and dry tongue is? Blood deficient, Pale = deficient, dry = blood
A slightly pale tongue with normal moisture is? Qi deficient
A tongue with a thick rooted coat indicates? Excess
A tongue without root or a coat indicates? Deficiency
A tongue which is pale and dry over the liver areas is? Liver blood deficient. Pale = deficient,Dry = blood deficient, over liver = liver organ.
A tongue which is red in the center of the tongue indicates. Stomach heat or Stomach fire.
A tongue which is red on the entire sides indicates? Liver heat
A tongue which is red over the first one third of the body is? Lung heat
Little grains on the tongue which are pale red are called points and are considered? Normal
Little red grains on the tongue indicate? Heat.
A purple tongue indicates? Blood stasis a co-sign is complaint of stabbing pain by the patient
A reddish purple tongue indicates? Blood stasis due to heat condensing the blood
A bluish purple tongue indicates? Blood stasis due to cold congealing the blood
A tongue which is purple on the entire sides in the area of the liver is? Liver blood stasis or Uterine blood stasis
A tongue which is purple in the center of the tongue possibly indicates? A bleeding ulcer
A tongue which is thin is? Deficient in blood or Yin
A thin tongue which is blood deficient presents as? Thin, Pale and dry
A thin tongue which is Yin deficient presents as? Thin, reddish and without a coat.
A swollen tongue always indicates? A excess condtion of damp or phlegm
A stiff tongue is due to? Internal wind, if purpleish it's blood stasis
A flabby or crumpled tongue indicates? A lack of body fluids or blood
A long tongue indicates Heat in the body
A short tongue which is Pale and wet is? Severly cold or Yang deficient
A short tongue which is Red and without a coat is? Severly Yin deficient
True or False: Almost all tongue cracks are a sign of Yin deficieny? True
Tongue cracks which are horizontal show? Yin deficiency
Tongue cracks which are irregular show? Stomach Yin deficiency
A central short crack in the midline of the tongue indicates? Stomach Yin deficiency AKA stomach crack
A long central crack which runs to the tip of the tongue indicates? A difficulty dealing with emotional stress or constitutional tendency to Heart conditons. AKA Heart crack
Short transverse cracks on the side of the tongue indicate? Spleen Yin deficiency
A deviated tongue (off to one side) indicates? Internal wind in the elderly and Heart deficiency in young persons.
A moving tongue with large amplitude (big movements) indicates? Internal wind
A quivering tongue with small amplitude (trembling) indicates? Spleen Qi deficiency
A tongue with teeth marks on the side indicates? Spleen Qi deficiency
A normal tongue coat is? White and thin enough to see the tongues body color through
We check Pt. history and balance other signs because? The tongue coat can change rapidly
The color of the tongue's body relates to? Yin organs
The coating of the tongue relates to? the Yang organs
A tongue wich is wet is? Yang deficient
A tongue which is dry is? blood deficient
A tongue coat which is thick and white shows? Cold damp or cold phlegm
A tongue coat which is yellow shows? Heat such as infection
A tongue which is black shows? A bad or critical condition.
A dry black tongue indicates? Heat
A wet black tongue indicates? Cold.
A sticky or slippery coating indicates? dampness or phlegm
A sticky coating is primarily? Phlegm
A slippery coating is primarily? Dampness
A moldy coating indicates? Dampness or phlegm with stomach Yin deficiency
A tongue with a orange body color indicates? sever blood deficiency
A tongue with red points and a red tip is indictive of? External wind heat
Created by: kenh007