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Internal Medicine A


DiseaseClinical manifestationTongue & PulseAcupuntureFormulas
Attack of Intn organ - Flaccid Type (Collapse of Yang) Sudden collapse, loss conscious, coma, hand & mouth open but eyes close, pale face, oily sweat, bead on forehead, incontinence of stool & urine, cold limb T: pale swollen P: minute hidden scattered [REN6, REN4, REN8moxa], [ST36, SP6, PC6], [DU4, BL23moxa] Sheng Mai San
attack chnl - hemiplegia cuz by wind & phlegm, stiffness of joint & contract of muscle indicate stasis of blood, ptf obstr chnl against bg of Qi Blood Yin Def DU26, DU20, BL7 Bu Yang Hai Wu Tang
attack chnl - Aphasia (slur speech) REN23, HT5, KI6 Jie Yu Dan
attack chnl - Hypertension [LI4,LIV3], KI3, ST9, Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
attack chnl - facial paralysis GB14, BL2, TB23, GB1, ST2, SI18, LI20, ST7, ST6, ST4, LI19, REN24, DU26, TB17, GB20 Qian Zheng San
attack chnl - incontinence of stool & urine BL33, BL25, REN6, REN4, SP6 Sang Piao Xiao San
attack chnl - dizzy LIV3, BL18, BL23, KI3, REN4, DU20, GB20 Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
Sequelae - Wind phlegm contract of limb, severe dizzy, giddiness, stiffness T: stiff & deviated P: wiry slippery DU20, DU16, GB20, ST40, LU7 REN9, SP6 Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang
Sequelae - Damp Phlegm feel heavy in body & oppres of chest, profuse sputum, rattling sound in throat, blur vision, dizzy, obesity T: Swollen with sticky coat P: Slippery BL20, REN12, ST40, LU7, REN9, SP6 Er Chen Tang
Sequelae - stagnation of Qi & blood hemiplegia, pain in shoulder & hip T: Purple P: firm, choppy, wiry REN17, BL17, SP10 Hou Luo Xiao Ling Dan
Sequelae - Yin Def w/ Empty heat feel heat in afternoon & evening, dizzy, tinnitus, night sweat, five palm heat, feel of heaviness of upper part of body & weakness of lower part when walking T: red w/o coat P: floating empty KI6, KI3, REN4, HT6, GB20 -Liu Wei Di Huang Wan -Zuo Gui Wan
Attack of Intn organ - Tense Type (Collapse of Yin) Sudden collapse, loss conscious, coma, clench teeth, close fits, lock jaw, red face & ear, profuse sputum, rattling sound in throat, coarse breathing, constipation, retention of urine T: red body, stiff, deviated, stick yellow caot P: wiry full rapid slippery P: minute hidden scattered DU26, [DU20, DU16, GB20], SIX WELL POINT, KI1, [PC7, PC8], ST40 Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang
Created by: djraspberry