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Internal Medicine A

Chronic Fatique Syndrome

DiseaseClinical manisfestationTongue & PulseAcupunctureFormulas
Heat Lurking in interior muscle fatigue w/o ache or sli ache, thirst, insomnia, cough w/ scanty yellow sputum, tired, breathlessness on exertion, loss weight, dry throat T: red w/ yellow coat, redder on front part P: rapid & sli wiry DU14, [TB5, LI11], [LU10, LU5], SP6 Zhi Shi Zhi Zi Tang
Lesser Yang Pattern Six stage alternate chill & feel heat, fullness of hypochon region, poor appetite, irri, dry throat, nausea, bitter taste, blurred vision T: white slippery t/c on one side only P: Wiry TB5, DU14 Xiao Chai Hu Tang
Lesser Yang Pattern Four Level alternate chill & feel heat, latter being more marked, bitter taste, thirst, dry throat, full & pain hypochon region, nuasea T: Red T. w/ yellow coat on one side P: wiry rapid TB5, DU14 Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang
Yin Fire Feel heat in face, red face, mouth ulcers, occation low grade fever, dizzy, weak voice, depression, muscle weakness, exhaustion, feel cold in general, loose stool, cold feet, spon sweat, SOB T: Pale P: weak REN4, [REN12, REN6, ST36, DU20], [DU24, DU19, REN15, HT5], [PC8, PC7], [TB6, TB5], [REN9, SP6, SP9, ST28] Bu Zhong Yi QI Tang
Lu & Sp Qi Def tiredness worse in morning, sli ache in muscle, muscle fatigue after sli exertion, SOB, weak voice, spon daytime sweat, poor appetite, sli epigastric & abdm distension, loose stool T: Pale P: Empty [REN12, ST36, SP6, BL20, BL21], [LU9, DU12, BL13], REN6, LI10, DU20 Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Sp & Kd Yang Def tiredness that worse in morning, sli ache in muscle, muscle fatigue after sli exertion, sli epigas & abdm distention, lose stool, lower back ache, weak knee, frequent pale urine, dizzy, tinnitus, feel cold, cold feet T: Pale P: weak & deep [REN12, ST36, SP6 BL20, BL21], [KI3, REN4, KI7, BL23], DU20, [REN9, SP9] You Gui Wan Plus Liu Jun Zi Tang
Liver Blodd Def tiredness, muscle fatigue on sli exertion, sli muscle ache, blur vision, numbness of limbs, dizzy, scanty period T: Pale & thin P: Choppy or fine [LIV8, ST36, SP6, REN4], GB34, [REN9, SP9] Bu Gan Tang
Yin Def Lu Yin Def dry throat, dry cough, exhaustion, breathlessness, horse voice, feel heat in afternoon, night sweat T: w/o coat, crack in lu area P: floating empty [LU9, REN17], BL43, [BL13, DU12], [REN12, ST36, SP6], DU20 Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang
Yin Def St Yin Def dry mouth, no appetite, tiredness, dry stool, sli epigas pain, malar flush, thirst no desire to drink or small sip T: normal body color, mid line crack, rootless coat or no coat in center if transv crack on side indicate Sp Qi & Sp Yin Def P: Floating empty on right M position [ST36, SP6, REN12], ST44, DU20 Yi Wei Tang
Yin Def Kd Yin Def soreness of lower back, exhaustion, depression, lack of drive & will power, weak legs & knee, dizzy tinnitus, deafness, dry mouth & throat worse at night, night sweat, disturb sleep, thin body T: w/o coat (red) P: floating empty (rapid) KI3, [LU7, KI6], [REN4, SP6], [BL23, BL52], DU20 Zuo Gui Wan
Dampness in muscle Pronounce ache in muscle, feel heavy of limbs, muscle fatique on sli exertion, tire & sleepiness, feel heavy body/head, no appetite, feel full in chest/epig, sticky taste, poor memory, lack concentr, muzzy brain, dull h/a T: sticky t/c P: slippery [SP9, SP6, BL22], [REN12, REN9], LI11, SP3 ,ST8, TB7 ,DU14 -Lian Po Yin (heat) -Hou Po Xia Ling Tang
Created by: djraspberry