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Internal Medicine A

Chest Painful Obstructiton Syndrome

DiseaseClinical ManifestationTongue & PulseAcupuntureFormulas
Turbid Phlegm stag in chest pronounced feeling of oppression chest, pain in chest extending to shoulder or upper back, breathlessness, feel heavy, dizzy, expectoration of white sputum T: Swollen body, sticky-white t/o P: Slippery PC6, [BL14, BL15, REN17], [ST40, REN12 REN9, SP6], [BL13, LU7], LU9 -Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang -Wen Dan Tang Variation
Stagnation of cold in chest severe cramping chest pain extend to scapula, feel tightness of chest, palpitation, breathlessness, diff lying down, pale complex, cold limb, chest worse of cold alleviate by warmth, in severe case cyanosis of lip & nails ,cold sweat, severe stab pain T: Pale, Bluish-Purple P: Deep weak tight [BL14, BL15, REN17, REN14, PC6], DU20moxa, [REN6, REN8moxa], ST36 -Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang -Si Ni Tang Variation
Liver-Fire harassing HT in chest chest pain, palpitation, irri, propensity to outburst of anger, thirst, feel heat, bloodshot eyes, insomnia T: red with redder side & tip, dry yellow coat P: wiry rapid LIV2, ST40, PC6, [LI4, LU7] Zhen Zhu Mu Wan Variation
Sp & Ht Yang Def feel oppres & dull pain in chest, breathlessness, palpitation, sweating, feel cold, cold limb, bright pale complex ,cyanosis of lips & nails, tiredness, poor appetite, insomnia T: Pale or Bluish purple P: deep weak [BL15, REN14, HT5moxa], [BL20, REN12, REN6, ST36, SP6moxa], [BL23, DU4moxa] PC6, KI25, BL13 You Gui Yin
Qi & Yin Def feel oppress & pain in chest that come & go, palpitation, breathlessness, tiredness, dislike to speak, pale complex, dizzy, blurred vision, aggravate by overexertion T: w/o coating P: fine or weak [LU9, BL13, HT5, BL15], [REN17, PC6], [ST36 , SP6, REN4] Shen Mai San
Ht & Kd Yin Def feel oppression & pain in chest, palpitation, night sweat, insomnia, sore back & knee, tinnitus, dizzy feel heat in evening T: w/o coating w/ ht crack, if empty heat t is red P: floating empty [BL14, PC6, REN17], [BL23, REN4, KI3], HT6, KI25 Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
Ht-Bl Stasis Prick pain in chest that fixed & worse at night, palpitation T: Purple, espc in chest area or side P: Deep & Choppy BL13, [BL14, REN17, BL15, REN14], PC4, PC6, ST40, SP10, BL17, [DU12, DU11, DU10], SI11 Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Created by: djraspberry