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Internal Medicine A


DiseaseClinical manifestationToungue/PulseAcupuntureFormulas
HT-Fire blazing wake up during night, nightmare, dream of flying, mental restlessness, biter taste, thirst, tongue ulcer, palpitation T: Red, redder tip w/ red point, yellow T/C P: rapid & overflow on left front HT8, HT7, SP6, LI11, REN15, DU19, BL15, BL44 Xie Xin Tang
Phlegm-Heat harassing Mind Restless sleep, toss & turn, unpleasant dream, nightmare, feeling of heavy, dizzy, feel oppress chest, nausea, no appetite, palpitation, feel of heat ,sputum in throat, mental restlessness, sticky taste T: red w/ sticky yellow coat, HT crack, s/ sticky rough yellow coating inside it P: slippery & rapid ST40, [REN12, REN9, BL20], [SP9, SP6], LI11, ST8, GB12, ST45 (small moxa help fire down), [SP1, ST44] Wen Dan Tang Variation
Ht-Qi Stagnation Palpitation, feel distension or oppress of chest, depression, sli feel of lump in throat, sli sore of breath, sighing, poor appetite, weak & cold limb, sli purple lips, pale complex T: Sli pale purple on side in chest P: empty but very sli overflow on left front PC6, [HT5, HT7], REN15, REN17, LU7, ST40, LI4 Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
Ht-Blood Stasis Insomnia, dream disturb sleep, toss & turn in bed during night, palpitation, chest ache, mental restlessness, anxiety T: purple P: Choppy or firm [HT7, HT5, PC6], REN17, BL17, BL44 Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Variation
Residual heat in diaphragm Restless sleep, wake during night, mental restlessness cannot lie down or sit, feel stuff in chest, epigastric discomfort and sour regurgitation T: Red in front part, red point around center P: deep, sli rapid [LU10, HT8], BL17, ST40, LI11, SP6, REN15 Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
Retention of Food Fullness, pain & distension of epigastruim (relieve by vomit), nausea, vomit of sour fluid, foul breath, sour regurgitation, belching, loose stool or constipation, poor appetite T: thick coat (could be white/yellow) P: Full Slippery REN13, REN10, ST21 ,ST44, ST45, SP4, PC6, ST40, [ST19, KI21] REN12 Ban Xia Shu Mi Tang
Ht & Sp Blood Def diff in fall asleep, palpitation, tiredness, poor appetite, sli anxiety, blurred vision, dizzy, poor memory, pale face T: Pale P: Choppy [ST36, SP6, BL20], [HT7, REN14, REN15], BL15, YINTANG, [PC6, SP4], KI9 Gui Pi Tang
Ht-Yin Def waking freq during night, dry throat, mental restlessness, palpitation, night sweating, poor memory T: w/o coat, Ht crack, red tip if there empty heat red body P: floating empty (thready rapid) HT7, [BL15, REN14], [SP6, ST36], REN4 Yang Xin Tang (II)
Ht & Kid not harmonize wake up freq during night, diff in fall asleep, dry throat, night sweat, five palm heat, poor memory, palpitation, dizzy, mental restless, tinnitus, backache T: red w/o coat, tip red, Ht crack dry P: floating empty, sli rapid HT7, HT6, PC7, REN4, [SP6, KI3, KI6], REN15, [BL15 BL23], [BL44, BL52] Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
Ht & GB Def wake up early in morning, being unable to sleep again, light sleep, dream a lot, propen to be startled, timid, lack of initiative & assertive, palpitation, breathlessness tired, depression T: pale, Ht crack P: empty HT7, GB40 An Shen Ding Zhi Wan
Liver Yin Def wake up during night, dream a lot, talking when sleep in severe case sleep walk, dry throat, irri blur vision, feel heat, sore & dry eyes, skin & hair dry, dizzy T: w/o coat P: floating empty, espc on left side LIV8, REN4, HUSHE, SP6, PC7, [DU24, GB15], BL47, ANMIAN Suan Zao Ren Tang
Liver-Fire Blazing Restless sleep, unpleasant dream, nightmare, dream of fire, irri propensity to outburts of anger, bitter taste, H/A, red face, thirst, dark urine, dry stool, dizzy T: Red, redder on side with dry-yellow coat P: wiry rapid LIV2, LLIV3, GB44, GB12, GB20, SP6, BL18, DU24, GB13 ,GB15, BL47, BL62, BL1, KI6 Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Variation
Created by: djraspberry