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Careers Vocab

Work any productive activity that results in something useful. usually paid, not always
job collection of duties
career the work a person does over a period of years
lifestyle the way we live
5 levels of maslow's pyramid(top to bottom) self realization, esteem, social, safety, survival
identity personal quality
social need for companionship
5 Lifestyle Circles Career, Family, Friends, Leisure Activities, Spiritual Wellbeing
7 steps of the decision making process 1. Define your needs and wants2. Analyze your resources3. Identify choices4. Gather info.5. Evaluate info.6. Make a decision7. Plan how to reach your goal
values ideas, relationships, and other things that are important to you
aptitude knack or potential for learning a certain skill
ability a skill that has already been developed
self-concept the way you see yourself
ten general values fame money power religion humanitarism health aesthetics family creativity social-contact
who created the 6 personality types john holland
6 personality types realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, conventional
career interest areas category of jobs similar in terms of interests they involve
4 fringe benefits paid vacations, health and life insurance, cars, retirement plans
career consultation talking with someone who has worked in a particular career for the purpose of obtaining info about that career
Career Interest Areas(12) Artistic, MEchanical, industrial, scientific, plants and animals, leading and influencing, physical performing, accomodating, humanitarian, business detail, selling, protective
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