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Eng vocab final

English vocabulary final

cursory done quickly with little attention to detail.
antithesis the exact opposite of something
amorphous shapeless, able to change shape to fit whatever.
cryptic having a hidden meaning
ascetic having strict self-discipline
acrimonious bitter in temper or speech
arable suitable for plowing or producing crops
contentious always ready to argue
decorum whatever is suitable or proper for the occasion or place
assuage to relieve or lessen
altruistic unselfish concern for others
brevity brief
deference yielding to someone else
amerliorate to make or become better
banal common or ordinary
cacophonous harsh or jarring sound
abstemious moderate eating or drinking; can be total abstinance from drinking
aesthetic beauty
affinity a natural attraction or liking of something
countenance the look on a person's face
Lisa did a "blank" review of the procedure. She glanced at it, but did not review if thoroughly. cursory
Lying is the "blank" of truth. antithesis
The mud formed an "blank" blob on the carport. amorphous
The message his secretary left for him was "blank." There was a hidden meaning in it. cryptic
My grandmother lived a very "blank" life. She did not watch television or movies; and she never bought herself fancy things. ascetic
The old lady always spoke to the children in a very "blank" way. She yelled at them for riding their bikes on "her" sidewalk. acrimonious
The land we bought in Scotsmore was "blank." We could put a garden in if we wanted to. arable
The mother of the teenage girl thought her daughter was always in a "blank" frame of mind. contentious
Mom told us to watch our "blank" when we were in the theatre watching a play. decorum
I hope the Tylenol will "blank" my headache. assuage
Pam gave food to the charity because of her "blank" nature. altruistic
The "blank" of the man's speech to the graduating class showed he had not taken much time to write it. brevity
Ryan stayed home and studied out of "blank" to his Aunt Lisa. deference
Steve tried to "blank" the situation between the two men who were arguing. ameliorate
The "blank" reason for the little boy stealing the candy bar was his hunger. banal
The music that Daniel likes sounds very "blank" to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve. cacophonous
The couple lived an "blank" lifestyle after they became very health-conscious. abstemious
The garden had such an "blank" look to it before the drought made it brown and ugly. aesthetic
Ryan has always had an "blank" for the drums. affinity
I could tell by her "blank" that she was not happy with the way things were going at the party. countenance
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