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MCITP Enterprise Desktop Support Technician

Only want certain OU users to run an application. Other OU users can run it... Create an Applocker Executable Rule
You want to consolidate all application events for the users in a central location Configure Event Subscriptions
Want to make it so certain users print to a printer by default Cofigure Group Policy Preferences
Three offices...RADIUS server in office 1...all wireless uses RADIUS for authentication...WAN like goes down...need to make sure all users in all officess can connect to the wireless network if the WAN link fails Additional RADIUS servers should be deployed
Company restricts the use of USB devices so that only approved devices can be used...you buy new flash drives...need to ensure users can use the flash drives... Request an Admin modify the device installation restriction policy
Need to prevent users from deleting a mapped drive...modify what's in a CPO... Administrative Templates
DCin office1 and office2..None in office3..Users in office3 map a drive to a file server in their office. WAN link goes down...prompted for credentials when trying to access the share..need to make sure people can access the shares when WAN link goes down Request a Domain Admin deploy a Domain Controller in office 3
3 offices...DNS server in each. Users in one office can connect to some things by name, but not others... Modify the DNS configuration on the DNS server IN THEIR OFFICE
Need to collect all critical errors from the computers...configure what? Event Subscriptions
A bunch of offices all connecting to each other through a VPN...some people can access some stuff, others can't get to other things...need to make sure everyone can access everything... Adjust the routing table in the VPN server (like a RRAS server, which is like a router)
Can't run things in XP mode...need to run stuff using XP mode... Enable hardware virtualization on the computers
Main office and branches...1 DHCP server in main...users in branch are getting APIPA addresses... Request a network admin verify whether DHCP broadcasts are being relayed to the main office
Wireless is encrypted with WPA2-Enterprise...have RADIUS setup...only employees are allowed to be part of Active Directory (AD)..Hire consultants...need to allow them wireless access to the internet... Request a network admin install a wireless Access Point that is connected directly to the internet
Monterboard fails...everything encrypted with BitLocker...need to make sure that when things fail, the data is able to be recovered... Export and securely store the computer certificates on all portable computers configure the BitLocker settings on all portable computers by using Group Policy
Need to see what updates are missing on computers... Run the Mocrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)
Need to prevent users from modifying their Windows Defender Settings... From a GPO, modify the Windows Defender settings
Need to ensure that the users only connect to a certain wireless network... Configure a Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policy
Each time a user tries to run a web app, they are prompted to install an add-on...after it installs, the app restarts, and they are prompted to install again...need to make the app run... Add the class identifier of the add-on to the Add-on in Group Policy
Receiving errors due to a defective smart card reader...you are going to fix it next week, but want to stop the errors from occurring in the meantime... In device manage, disable the smart card reader
Identify applications running at startup... MSCONFIG
Hire a templ employee...they try to connect their laptop to the domain and it fails...can access internet...has a domain user account...can contact Domain Controller (DC) by IP Modify their IPv4 settings on te computer (need to use local DNS server)
Users discard shcnages in their VM, and error appears when trying to log on again...error: "Trust relationship between this computer and primary domain failed" Create a PSO (Password Setting Object) in Active Directory (AD)
Need to prevent all sers from using a previous version of an application... Ask the Domain Admin to create a GPO linked to the domain and configure AppLocker settings in the GPO
IE prox settings are applied to all computers through GPO. Portable computers can only use IE to browse interent websites when they are connected to the company network. Need to make it so they can access websites from wherever they connect.... Request an Admin link the IE-GPO to AD site objects only (so it only applies when you are connected to that site)
Install a new printer...users can't browse for the new printer on the network...need to make sure they can browse to it.... Configure a network location for the printer
Need to prevent users from downloading software from sites know for distributing malware.... Use GPO to configure the IE Smartscreen filter settings
Using VPN connections and certs for authentication...people certs were good for 2 months while setting up the VPN...they can't connect... Enable auto-renewal for certificates?
Have public computers in a lobby...every week they get re-imaged...people can't use remote desktop on the public computers and the guests need to be able to..... Enable remote desktop connections in the standard computer image
Every office has a DCP server...each office though has the DHCP server handing out the DNS server IP of the main office's DNS server...link between offices fails.... Modify the DNS server option in the DHCP scope on your sites server
Need to provide an Admin with network information and capture of DirectAccess traffic... Netsh.exe
IE locks ActiveX from a website...need to make sure the website is displayed correctly... Modify the Internet Explorer Internet Zone settings
Computers are getting updates from WSUS but a bunch of updates won't finish being installed until machines are rebooted...need to make sure all future updates are installed without issue... Requesting the NO auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates insgtallation setting in the WSUS policy CPO be set to disabled
Users can only access the woot.com web servers by entering the full URL...need to make it so users can access the intranet web servers by typing in http://intranet and not full URL... Woot.com should be added to the DNS Search Suffix list in the default domain policy
Using DirectAccess to connect to network...NEW laptops can't access network... Have their COMPUTER accounts for the laptops added to the group where the DirectAccess policies are defined.
All users on x86 machines....New printer installed on a print server...the users cannot connect to printer...prompting them for a driver.... Install an x86 driver on the printer server
Created by: Nistars