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Moser - Eng 9 Final

Final Exam Study Activities

What does MLA stand for? Modern Language Association
What is the standard MLA font? Times New Roman size 12
What is the final page of an MLA paper titled? Works Cited
What does Juliet learn from the nurse at the Capulet party? That Romeo is a Montague
Where does Romeo go after the Capulet party? The Capulet's orchard
How does Tybalt feel about Romeo attending the Capulet party? He is angry, he sends a letter to challenge Romeo
How does Friar Lawrence feel about marrying the couple? He is surprised that Romeo is over Rosaline so quickly, he wants to end the feud between the families
Who killed Tybalt? Romeo
Who killed Mercutio? Tybalt
How was Romeo punished for Tybalt's death? He was banished
How does Lord Capulet taking Juliet's refusal to marry Paris? He is furious with her
Who does Romeo meet at Juliet's tomb? Paris
How do the Montagues and Capulets respond to finding their children dead? They decide to erect monuments to the lovers
Romeo Montague, formerly in love with Rosaline
Benvolio Montague who is a peace maker
Juliet Capulet, drinks a potion to make her appear dead
Nurse Capulet who cares for Juliet from infancy
Tybalt war-like Capulet, excellent fencer
number of times families have brawled in the streets three
Sampson does this to start a fight with the Capulets bites his thumb
Prince's punishment for any more violence death
Who asked Juliet's father for her hand in marriage? Paris
This man invites Romeo and Mercutio to the Capulet ball illiterate servant
Why does Mercutio dislike Tybalt? He thinks that Tybalt is a show off
How does Romeo feel about facing Tybalt in a duel? Romeo does not wish to fight because he and Tybalt are now related.
Which character begs Romeo's death? Lady Capulet
What do Romeo and Juliet playfully argue about? Whether it is night or day
Who creates the posion that Romeo drinks? Apothecary
Why doesn't Friar John deliver the letter to Romeo? It is believed that Friar John was exposed to the plague
Which character tells Romeo that Juliet is dead? Balthasar
To what speech does MLK refer during his famed "I have a dream" speech? The Gettysburg Address
What methods did Griffin use to darken his skin? tans, takes a prescription drug, uses dye
What is the name of the educated black man who scorns the other black passengers? Christophe
Why does Griffin originally choose to undergo his experiment? to write articles for a black magazine
Who does Griffin meet that helps him assimilate himself into black culture? Sterling Williams
Created by: kenmoser