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N&W Review


How can you extinguish a kitchen fire? Remove power, smother with lid, use salt or baking soda, use an ABC fire extinguisher
Name the four steps to food safety according to the "Fight Bac" campaign 1) clean 2) separate 3) cook 4) chill
One stick of margarine is equal to 1/2 cup
What is the "danger zone" in regards to food temperature 40* - 140*
What are the symptoms of foodborne illness? Headache, fever, digestive troubles
Name the guidelines of the "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" 1) less sodium 2) less added sugars 3) reduce solid fats 4) fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables
Name the benefits of egg protein as it compares to other protein sources 1) quality 2) 70 calories/serving 3) additional nutrients 4) economical 5) versatile
______ c. = 1 qt. 4 c.
Describe what happens as an egg ages The albumen thins, the yolk flattens and the air cell enlarges
What happens when you spin a raw egg? The liquid contents cause centrifugal force which keeps it spinning
What should you consider before purchasing a carton of eggs? Inspect eggs for dirt, cracks, leakage, check the grade, check the size, check the Julian date
How should eggs be stored? Do NOT wash them refrigerate in original carton, refrigerate promptly and discard dirty, cracked or leaking eggs
Describe a Grade AA egg, out of the shell It covers a small area, has thick albumen that stands high, and a firm, round and high yolk
Which Grade egg should be used when appearance is important? It would be the best choice for poaching or frying. Grade AA
How much is one serving of eggs? One egg
Name the part of the egg that harbors the cholesterol Yolk
The standard size egg for most recipes Large
What is the name for the method of mixing where a "well" is made for liquids, the batter makes a drop batter, overmixing may decrease quality and products have a coarse but tender texture. Muffin method
What is the name for the method of mixing where fat is "cut in" to dry ingredients, solid fats are "cut in" using a pastry blender, the dough is briefly kneaded and products include scones and shortcakes. Biscuit or pastry method
Egg cookery term meaning "to become solid" Coagulate
Name the major nutrient found in eggs Protein
Name the functions of protein Builds and repairs tissues
Chemical leavening agents for quick breads Baking Soda and Baking Powder
List the functions of eggs in recipes/dishes Binds, thickens, emulsifies and may add volume through egg/egg white foams
Temperature to which eggs should be cooked to avoid salmonella bacteria 160*
Flour in which the bran and germ has been removed, contains a protein that when mixed with liquids creates gluten. It is a starch that absorbs liquid. All purpose flour
A combination of baking soda and a dry acid Baking Powder
Name the ingredient that "feeds" the yeast. Sugar
Leavening agent that first must be mixed with dry ingredients and needs an acidic liquid with which to react Baking Soda
List three things needed for yeast to grow. Food, moisture, warmth
Baking ingredient whose major role is tenderizing, but also adds richness and flavor, aids in browning and may add volume by trapping air. Fat
Give the term for "the arrangement of a place setting for one person." Cover
Gas produced by yeast as it ferments or develops Carbon dioxide
What kills yeast? Liquids that are too hot
Name the two ingredients that balance each other in regards to the rate of yeast growth Sugar and salt
Which fat is usually "solid at room temperature?" Saturated
Which fat is usually "liquid at room temperature?" UNsaturated
Which fat is best, in regards to your health, to use for cooking? UNsaturated
What can be used to put out a grease fire? Baking soda, salt, flour
Best type of fat to use for deep frying Unsaturated
Should fats for deep frying have a high smoke point or a low smoke point? High
The order of use for flatware From the outside toward the center
Meal time service that saves time and dishwashing, promotes portion control and places food on the dinnerware NOT in serving dishes Plate Service
Meal time service that allows guests to serve themselves, but hot foods cool quickly and money and food may be wasted Family Service
Name a cooking method that is healthier than frying Baking, steaming, broiling, grilling
2/3 of your grocery purchases are _____________ impulse buys
When buying convenience foods, you're buying __________________ ____________ _________ Someone else's time
Name health risks associated with a high fat diet Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease
Three ways to reduce cholesterol 1) Exercise 2) a high fiber diet 3) not smoking
An example of an empty calorie food Potato chips, poptarts, cookies, cakes, soda pop
Example of a nutrient dense food Baked potato, whole-wheat toast, fresh fruit, milk
Strategies to controlling fat intake 1) cooking method 2) fat free and low fat options 3) remove skin from poultry 4) portion control
Percentage of total daily calories from fat recommended by health experts 30%
When choosing highly processed foods --you're using time-saving convenience foods --you're spending more money
Fat-like substance found only in animal foods and tropical oils and is harmful in high levels Cholesterol
Forces that raise or lower food prices 1) marketing costs 2) supply and demand 3) consumer carelessness 4) government policies
Give the term for the decorative edge of pie crust. Fluting
To what thickness should pastry or pie crust be rolled? 1/8 inch
Name the four ingredients you used to make pie crust in lab? Flour, Salt, Shortening, Water
Name one of the three things that make pastry dough tough. Too much water Too much flour Overhandling
White, french topping for cream pies Meringue
Give an example of a casserole topping Crushed potato chips, bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, french fried onion rings, cheese. . .
The role of a binder in casseroles Hold all the ingredients together
The casserole extender Thickens the dish, is usually a starch and may include potatoes, rice, bread cubes
Term for using a fork to poke holes in a blind crust, allowing the steam to escape so it doesn't puff up during baking Docking
How many tablespoons in a cup? 16
Name one material that microwaves can pass through. Paper, plastic, wood, glass. . .
How many ounces in a cup? 8
Which substances microwave fastest? Liquids, sugar, fat. . .
Name one disadvantage of microwave cooking. Foods do not brown or crispen, and they do not generate heat
Term for strategy used by grocers to keep the shopper in the store longer to purchase unplanned items Traps
Used to compare prices across different brands and sizes Unit price
Sold throughout the country, heavily advertised and more expensive National Brand
Another name for store brand House brand--usually less expensive.
Location where grocers place demand items Around the perimeter/outside walls
Direction that microwaves cook From the outside toward the center
The five meal appeal factors Color, flavor, texture, temperature, size and shape
Makes checkout faster and more accurate, helps with store inventory and identifies grocery items UPC - Universal Product Code
Reasons to read a nutrition label 1) calories per serving 2) nutrients 3) size and number of servings 4) ingredient list as it relates to health issues
Advantages of choosing salads 1) CAN include all food groups 2) fresh ingredients 3) nutritious foods 4) variety of nutrients and fiber
How to select leafy greens 1) color 2)examine for rust, disease and spoilage 3) sell-by date
How to prepare bite-sized leafy greens Tear to avoid enzymatic oxidation
How to clean and store leafy greens Wash to dirt and bacteria away with water, drain and dry to prevent spoilage, wrap in paper towel and place in bag/container. Refrigerate promptly.
Ingredient that adds most the fat and calories in salads Salad Dressing
How cookies are classified How they are formed
Tasks for which you can use the microwave when making yeast bread 1) heat liquids 2) bring ingredients to room temperature 3) help dough rise
Advantages of microwave cooking Cooks faster with little or no water, retaining more nutrients and saving energy
Microwave cooking process 1) vibrates food molecules 2) the friction produces heat 3) waves cook from the outside toward the center to a depth of 1 1/2" 4) uses conduction to heat dense foods or the center of foods
Culinary Professions Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Etiquette Consultant, Caterer, Waiter/Waitress, Food Critic, Pastry Chef, Hotel/Restaurant Management
Culinary Education Sullivan University, Ivy Tech, Art Institute, NCACP
Resources to consider when meal planning 1) income 2) food availability 3) culinary skills 4) time 5) energy 6)equipment
What is the key to nutritious meals? Plannning
What are the five food categories of "Choose My Plate"? Dairy, Protein, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits
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