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Digital Photography1


What is one way of thinking about how the parts of an image are arranged. Balance
In any image, your eyes are drawn to some parts of a picture more than others. Areas of Focus
What is the art of cutting away unwanted parts of an image and deciding where the new edges of an image should be. Framing
Refers to the number of pixels in a digital image Resolution
The number of pixels in a single square inch pixels per inch
A balance between image file size and image resolution. Image optimization
The dialog box that lets you make a black and white image out of a color image. Desaturate
Lets you add color to a grayscale image, or change the color of a color image. Colorize
A type of image file that's commonly used on the Web. JPEG
A container for other windows Dock
These are like transparent, or see-through, cards with images, text, or colors. Layers
This is a way to get layers out of the way without deleting them. Hiding layers
A way to separate out one part of a layer. Selection
Selects parts of an image Fuzzy Select Tool
Sets the foreground color to whatever color you click on. Color Picker Tool
Controls how big your workspace is Templates
A temporary layer that is created when you copy and paste an image layer or part of an image layer. Floating layer
Are visual effects that you can apply to your image Filters
A selection tool that lets you draw a circular selection Ellipse Select Tool
A special kind of layer that lets you hide or reveal some of the layers under it Mask
A kind of mask that lets you hide some or all of the layers under it. Layer Masks
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