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TC Five Elements

Five Elements CICM Year 1

The Yin and Yang organs for Fire? 1) Heart/Small Intestine 2) Pericardium/Triple Burner
The Colour of Fire? Red or lack of red
The Sound of Fire? Laughing
The Emotion of Fire? Joy
The Odour of Fire? Scorched
The Yin and Yang organs for Earth? Stomach and Spleen
The Yin and Yang organs for Metal? Lungs and Large Intestine
The Yin and Yang organs for Water? Kidney and Bladder
The Yin and Yang organs for Wood? Liver and Gall Bladder
The Colour of Earth? Yellow/Brown
The Colour of Metal? White
The Colour of Water? Blue/Black
The Colour of Wood? Green (Quing)
The Sound of Earth? Singing
The Sound of Metal? Weeping
The Sound of Water? Groaning
The Sound of Wood? Shouting
The Emotion of Earth? Sympathy
The Emotion of Metal? Grief
The Emotion of Water? Fear
The Emotion of Wood? Anger (Emphasis)
The Odour of Earth? Fragrant
The Odour of Metal? Rotten
The Odour of Water? Putrid
The Odour of Wood? Rancid
The Season of Fire? Summer
The Power of Fire? Mature
The Climate of Fire? Heat
The Taste of Fire? Bitter
The nature of Fire? Warmth, relationships, enjoyment, enthusiasm, Heart
Basic needs provided by Fire? Warmth, closeness, joy
Patterns arising out of Fire energy out of balance? 1) Inappropriately open and joyful with everyone 2) Inappropriately vulnerable, hurt, closed off, isolated
What Fire cannot do as a result of imbalance? Know appropriate contexts for closeness
Emotion and behaviour of Fire? Excess joy, lack of joy, vulnerable
What is needed to be done for yourself to strengthen Fire? Give and receive warmth with appropriate people and at varying degrees of intimacy
The Season of Metal? Autumn
The Power of Metal? Decrease
The Climate of Metal? Dryness
The Taste of Metal? Pungent
The nature of Metal? Trace elements, richness, quality, loss
Basic needs provided by Metal? Recognition, respect, acknowledgement of worth
Patterns arising out of Metal energy out of balance? 1) Experience of a lack of satisfaction, worth or value 2) Exaggerates personal worth via external values
What Metal cannot do as a result of imbalance? Credit or compliment self and/or others and feel it has value
Emotion and behaviour of Metal? Grief, denial of grief, cut off, empty, resigned, arrogant
What is needed to be done for yourself to strengthen Metal? Give to self and receive from others acknowledgement of worth and ability in all areas e.g. spiritually, socially, physically etc
The Season of Earth? Late Summer
The Power of Earth? Harvest
The Climate of Earth? Damp
The Taste of Earth? Sweet
The Nature of Earth? Stability, Nourishment, Support, Mothering, Grounding, Harvest
The basic need provided by Earth? Support, Nourishment, Stability, Independence
Patterns arising from Earth energy out of balance? 1) Over helping/lack of helping others or attending to others needs 2)Over-concern or anxiety about own needs being met
What Earth cannot do as a result of imbalance? Realise own needs and satisfy own needs and others appropriately
The Emotion/Behaviour of Earth? Sympathy-seeking, Sympathy-giving, Rejecting sympathy, Worry, Over-thinking
What needs to be done for yourself to strengthen Earth? get support for self from inside and support for self from the outside e.g. friends, relationships
The Season of Wood? Spring
The Power of Wood? Birth
The Climate of Wood? Wind
The Taste of Wood? Sour
The Nature of Wood? Growth, birth, assertion, vision
The basic need provided by Wood? Structure, organisation, boundaries
Patterns arising from Wood energy out of balance? 1) Need to over structure, 2) No structure, can't plan ahead or make decisions
What Wood cannot do as a result of imbalance? Assert self and plan ahead with own nature in mind
The Emotion/Behaviour of Wood? Anger, lack of anger, frustration, irritability, timidity, depression
What needs to be done for yourself to strengthen Wood? Define self in the world in relation to work, family, friends, etc so that own core nature can be expressed and developed through time - ensuring a future direction
The Season of Water? Winter
The Power of Water? Storage
The Climate of Water? Cold
The Taste of Water? Salty
The Nature of Water? Fluid, Flow, Reservoir,Rhythm
The basic need provided by Water? Reassurance, Safety, Trust permitting movement into the future
Patterns arising from Water energy out of balance? 1)Unwillingness to take or avoidance of risks 2)Over-anticipation of consequences of future risks 3)Undertaking risks or dangerous behaviour without concern for the consequences
What Water cannot do as a result of imbalance? Assess risks appropriately and reassure self
The Emotion/Behaviour of Water? Phobic, Anxious, Paralysed, lack of fear, constant anticipation, ignoring fears
What needs to be done for yourself to strengthen Water? Look at the future, realistically assess risks, reassure self
Created by: tomcoxen