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conjunctiv- conjunctiva
lacrim- tear
nas/o nose
duct to lead
opthalm/o eye
orbit orbit
photo light
-phob fear
anti- against
-bio- life
blephar eyelid
-ptosis drooping
ate composed of, pertaining to
con- together, with
-tamin- touch
-ulent abounding in
pur- pus
ac- toward
-commodat- adjust
ambly- dull
-opia sight
eso- toward
-trop- turn
exo- outward
ocul- eye
opt/o vision
-metrist skilled in
-metry process of measuring
-opsis vision
stere- three-dimensional
-ismus take action
strab- squint
a- without
presby- old man, old age
refract- bend
retin- retina
scler- hardness, white
central- center
-is pertaining to
-or that which does something
-recept- receive
uve- uvea
a- without
-ism process
-stigmat- focus
-opia sight
-mileusis lathe
kerat/o cornea
mypo- blink
radi- radius
fluo= flourine
-rescein resin
glauc- lens opacity
-ocul- eye
-orum function of
pollut- unclean
-graphy process of recording
angi/o blood vessel
-gram record
-scope instrument for viewing
-coagul- clotting
-blast- immatture cell
fund/o fundus
peripher- external
vis- sight
-meter measure
ton/o pressure
OD right eye
OU both eyes
OS Left eye
ot- ear
media middle
larng/o larynx
cerumin- cerumen
cur- cleanse, cure
-age pertaining to
-irrig- to water
topic- local
tympan eardrum
aden gland
mast- breast
-pherynx throat
-eal pertaining to
-pharyng- pharynx
-cle small
chol/e bile
-steat- fat
myring/o tympanic membrane
-sis abnormal condition
perforat- bore through
tympan/o eardrum
AOM acute otitis media
PE tube pressure-equalization tube
basil- base support
labyrinth inner ear
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
BPPV benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
crista crest
-aris pertaining to
ampull- bottle-shaped
equi equal
-librium balance
-lith stone
paroxysm sudden, sharp attack
vestibul vestibule
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