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Acu Tx I - Midterm

Internal Disease Differentation & Point Combinations

Internal DiseaseSigns & SymptomsTreatment PrincipleSupplemental
Wind Stroke (Attack on the Zang Fu) Tense Falling down in a fit w/loss of consciousness, clenched fists/jaws, flushed face, coarse breathing, rattling throat, retention of urine, constipation, T: Red, thick yellow/dk grey coat, P: string-taut, rolling/forceful Excess: Du 20/26(reg Qi of DU, resuscitate), ST 40(Luo), LR 3(LYR), K 1(Heat Down) Clenched Jaws + ST 7/6 & LI 4(move Qi/Bld); For Aphasia & stiff tongue + DU 15, Ren 23(local), HT 5(Luo)
Wind Stroke (Attack on the Zang Fu) Flaccid Falling down in a fit & sudden loss of consciousness w/mouth agape, eyes closed, snoring but feeble breathing, flaccid paralysis of limbs, incontinence of urine, T:flaccid, P:thready/weak, If severe, cold limbs, rough face flushing, P:fading/big floating Deficiency: Indirect Moxi with salt Ren 8/6(Yang Collapse), Heavy Moxi Ren 4(mtg place of Ren + 3 Yin Meridians, strengthens primary Qi, restore Yang) Upward Disturbance of Wind Yang, Reduce GB 20 & LV 3; Reinforce K 3(promote K Yin to nourish LV) Reinforce SP 6(nourish Yin/pacify Yang)
Wind Stroke (Attack on the Meridians & Collaterals) Hemiplegia, numb limbs, deviated mouth, slurred speech, HA, dizzy/vertigo, twitching muscles, red eyes, flushed face, thirst, dry throat, irritable, P:string-taut/rolling DU 20, UB 7, DU 16(eliminate wind), Upper Limbs, LI 15, LI 11, SJ 5, LI 4; Lower Limbs Add, GB 30, GB 34, ST 36, ST 41 Upward Disturbance of Wind Yang, Reduce GB 20 & LV 3; Reinforce K 3(promote K Yin to nourish LV) Reinforce SP 6(nourish Yin/pacify Yang)
Prevention of Wind Stroke Old Age w/deficiency of Qi & excessive phlegm, or w/upsurging LV Yang marked by dizzy/palps, may have premonitory Sx of stiff tongue, slurred speech, numb fingertips Frequent Moxi of ST 36 & GB 39 can ward off attack
Syncope (Deficiency) Feeble Breathing with mouth agape, spontaneous sweating, pallor, cold limbs, P:deep, thready DU 26/20 & PC 6(resuscitate), Ren 6 & ST 36(reinforce Qi & Invigorate Yang)
Syncope (Excess) Coarse breathing, rigid limbs, clenched jaws, P:deep, excess Reduce DU 26 & PC 9(resuscitate), LI 4 & L 3(Regulate movement of Qi/Blood)PC 8 & K 1(clear the mind, smooth flow of Qi/Blood)
Sunstroke (Mild) HA, dizzy, profuse sweat, hot skin, coarse breathing, dry mouth/tongue, dire thirst, P:superficial, large, rapid Reducing DU 14(mtg pt of the DU & all Yang Meridians), UB 40 & LI 11(dispel Summer Heat), PC 6(Luo or Hand Jueyin,PC, reduces fire & protects the Heart)
Sunstroke (Severe) DU 26, DU 20, Shixuan, PC 3
Common cold (W C) LI 4, DU 16, UB 12, GB 20, LU 7
Common Cold (W H) LI 4, DU 14, LI 11, SJ 5, LU 10/11
Prevention Common Cold Moxa at UB 12, ST 36
Malaria DU 14/13, SI 3, PC 5, SJ 2, GB 41 High Fever + LI 11,Splenomegaly + LV 13, Moxa Pigen; High Fever, Delirium & Mental Confusion prick the 12 Jing Well on the hands
Cough d/t EPF (W C) LU 7, LI 4
Cough d/t EPF (W H) Pain & Swelling of Throat + LU 11; Fever & Aversion to Cold + DU 14, SJ 5
Created by: DOCRAIN