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Herbal Pharmacopoeia

Stack #41628: Semester 1 Names

Pin YinEnglishCategoryAction
Ma Huang Ephedra warm, acrid releases exterior
Gui Zhi Cinnamon Twig warm, acrid releases exterior
Zi Su Ye Perilla Leaf warm, acrid releases exterior
Jing Jie Schizonepeta warm, acrid releases exterior
Fang Feng Ledebouriella/Siler warm, acrid releases exterior
Qiang Huo Notopterygium warm, acrid releases exterior
Gao Ben Ligusicum Sinense warm, acrid releases exterior
Bai Zhi Angelica Dahurica warm, acrid releases exterior
Xi Xin Asarum warm, acrid releases exterior
Sheng Jiang Zingiber/Fresh Ginger warm, acrid releases exterior
Cong Bai Scallion warm, acrid releases exterior
Xiang Ru Elsholtzia warm, acrid releases exterior
Xin Yi Hua Magnolia Flower warm, acrid releases exterior
Bo He Mentha/Mint cool, acrid releases exterior
Niu Bang Zi Arctium cool, acrid releases exterior
Chan Tui Cicada cool, acrid releases exterior
Sang Ye Morus/Mulberry Leaf cool, acrid releases exterior
Ju Hua Chrysanthemum cool, acrid releases exterior
Man Jing Zi Vitex cool, acrid releases exterior
Dan Dou Chi Soja/Prepared Soybean cool, acrid releases exterior
Fu Ping Spirodela/Duckweed cool, acrid releases exterior
Mu Zei Equisetum cool, acrid releases exterior
Ge Gen Pueraria/Kudzu cool, acrid releases exterior
Chai Hu Bupleurum cool, acrid releases exterior
Sheng Ma Cimicifuga cool, acrid releases exterior
Shin Gao Gypsum Clears Heat Drains Fire
Zhi Mu Anemarrhena Clears Heat Drains Fire
Zhi Zi Gardenia Clears Heat Drains Fire
Dan Zhu Ye Lophatherum Clears Heat Drains Fire
Xia Ku Cao Prunella Clears Heat Drains Fire
Han Shui Shi Calcitum Clears Heat Drains Fire
Lian Xin Nelumbo/Lotus plumule Clears Heat Drains Fire
Lu Gen Phragmites/Reed Clears Heat Drains Fire
Jue Ming Zi Cassia Seed Clears Heat Drains Fire
Qing Xiang Zi Celosia Seed Clears Heat Drains Fire
Mi Meng Hua Buddleia Clears Heat Drains Fire
Gu Jing Cao Eriocaulon Clears Heat Drains Fire
Ye Ming Sha Vespertilio/Bat Feces Clears Heat Drains Fire
Xiong Dan Ursus/Bear Gallbladder Clears Heat Drains Fire
Xi Jiao Rhinoceros Horn Clears Heat Cools Blood
Sheng Di Huang Rehmannia, raw Clears Heat Cools Blood
Xuan Shen Scrophularia Clears Heat Cools Blood
Mu Dan Pi Moutan Clears Heat Cools Blood
Zi Cao Lithospermum Clears Heat Cools Blood
Di Gu Pi Lycium Bark Clears Heat Cools Blood
Bai Wei Cynanchum Clears Heat Cools Blood
Yin Chai Hu Stellaria Clears Heat Cools Blood
Huang Qin Scutellaria/Scute Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Huang Lian Coptis Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Huang Bai Phellodendron Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Long Dan Cao Gentiana Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Ku Shen Sophora Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Qin Pi Fraxinus Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Hu Huang Lian Picrorhiza Clears Heat Dries Dampness
Jin Yin Hua Lonicera/Honeysuckle Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Lian Qiao Forsythia Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Da Qing Ye Isatis Leaf Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Ban Lan Gen Isatis Root Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Pu Gong Ying Taraxacum/Dandelion Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Zi Hua Di Ding Viola Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Ye Ju Hua Chrysanthemum, wild Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Zi Bei Tian Kui Begonia Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Bai Jiang Cao Patrinia Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Yu Xing Cao Houttuynia Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Jin Sha Teng Lygodium Vine Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Chaun Xin Lian Andrographis Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Bai Hua She She Cao Heydyotis/Oldenlandia Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Bai Tou Weng Pulsatilla Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Ya Dan Zi Brucea Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Ma Chi Xian Portulaca Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Hong Teng Sargentodoxa Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Bai Xian Pi Dictamnus Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Tu Fu Ling Simlax Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Ban Zhi Lian Scutellaria barbata Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Ma Bo Lasiosphaera Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Shan Dou Gen Sophora subprostrate Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
She Gan Belamcanda Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Tu Niu Xi Achyranthes aspera Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Lou Lu Rhaponticum Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
Shi Shang Bai Selaginella Clears Heat Relieves Toxicity
He Ye Nelumbo/Lotus Leaf Clears Heat Relieves Summerheat
Lu Dou Phaseolus/Mung Bean Clears Heat Relieves Summerheat
Xi Gua Citrullus/Watermelon Clears Heat Relieves Summerheat
Bian Duo Dolichos Clears Heat Relieves Summerheat
Dou Juan Glycine/Soybean Sprout Clears Heat Relieves Summerheat
Qing Hao Artemisia annuae Clears Heat Relieves Summerheat
Da Huang Rheum/Rhubarb Downward Draining Purgative
Mang Xiao Mirabilite Downward Draining Purgative
Fan Xie Ye Senna Leaf Downward Draining Purgative
Lu Hui Aloe Downward Draining Purgative
Huo Ma Ren Cannabis Seed Downward Draining Moist Laxative
Yu Li Ren Prunus Downward Draining Moist Laxative
Qian Niu Zi Pharbitis Seed Downward Draining Harsh Expellant
Gan Sui Kan-Sui Root Downward Draining Harsh Expellant
Da Ji Euphorbia Downward Draining Harsh Expellant
Yuan Hua Genkwa Flower Downward Draining Harsh Expellant
Ba Dou Croton Seed Downward Draining Harsh Expellant
Shang Lu Phytolacca Downward Draining Harsh Expellant
Created by: nesaherbal