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TC Substances

Substances in Chinese Medicine CICM Year 1

The 4 main aspects of Yin and Yang? 1) Opposition 2) Interdependence 3) Inter-consuming 4) Inter-transforming
Yang Signs and Symptoms of Disease? Acute Rapid onset Rapid changes Restlessness, insomnia Likes to lie stretched out Red, flushed face Likes cool Thirst Scanty dark urination
Yin Signs and symptoms of disease? Chronic Gradual onset lingering Sleepiness, listlessness Likes to curl up Pale face Likes heat No thirst Profuse pale urination
Yang deficiency is shown by...? Chills Bright white complexion lethargy Weakness Somnolence Sweating on exertion Cold limbs and body No Thirst Deep, weak pulse pale, wet swollen tongue
Yin Deficiency is shown by...? Feeling of heat in afternoon/eve Malar flush Restlessness Weakness Insomnia 5-palm heat Hot limbs and body Thirst Floating-empty and rapid pulse Red, peeled, cracked tongue
The 2 Yang Treatments? 1) Tonify Yang 2) Eliminate Excess Yang
The 2 Yin Treatments? 1) Tonify Yin 2) Eliminate Excess Yin
The 3 types of Jing? 1) Pre-heaven 2) Post-heaven 3) Kidney Essence
The 4 functions of Jing? 1) Controls birth, growth, reproduction and development 2) Forms the basis of Kindney Qi 3) Produces Marrow 4) Forms the basis of our constitution
Where is Jing stored? In the Kidneys and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
The 1 pathology of Jing? Jing Deficiency
The 5 functions of Yuan Qi? 1) It is the motive force 2) It is the basis of Kidney Qi 3) It facilitates the transformation of Qi 4) It facilitates the transformation of Blood 5) It links directly with the source points
The 8 types of Qi? Food (Gu) Qi True (Zeng) Qi Organ & Channel Qi (Nutritive (Ying) Qi) Defensive (Wei) Qi Upright (Zheng) Qi Gathering (Zong) Qi Central (Zhong) Qi Pathogenic (Xie) Qi
The 4 pathologies of Qi? 1) Qi Deficiency 2) Qi Sinking 3) Qi Stagnation 4) Qi Rebellious
The 6 functions of Qi? 1) Transforming 2) Transporting 3) Holding 4) Raising 5) Protecting 6) Warming
The 3 functions of the Blood? 1) Nourishes 2) Moistens 3) Houses Shen
The 3 main organs relating to the Blood? 1) Heart 2) liver 3) spleen
The 3 Pathologies of Blood 1) Blood Deficiency 2) Blood Heat 3) Blood Stagnation
The 4 functions of Jin Body Fluids? 1) Nature: clear light, thin watery 2) Organ: Lungs and Upper burner 3) Function: Moisten and nourish the skin and the muscles 4) Manifests as: Sweat, tears, saliva and mucus
The 3 main and 3 other organs relating to Body Fluids? 1) Main: Lung, Spleen, Kidney 2) Other: Triple Burner, Bladder, Stomach
The 2 pathologies of Body Fluids? 1) Deficiency 2) Accumulation to form Phlegm, Damp or Oedema
The nature, organs, function of Ye Body Fluids? 1) Nature: Turbid, heavy, dense, slow moving 2) Organ: Spleen, Kidneys, Middle and lower burner 3) Function: Moisten the joints, spine, brain and bone marrow
The 5 functions of Shen? 1) Sleep 2) Memory 3) Thinking 4) Consciousness 5) Spirit
The 3 pathologies of Shen? 1) Deficient 2) Disturbed 3) Obstructed
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